Great Blue – poem

Who can stand it –
this uncertain bond?
Shall it be 
swallowed by 
the great blue mouth of sea?

I miss the light of love.
I miss the hand that held it.
I miss the eyes that gaze 
with unguarded openness –
the great blue eyes of face.

No sooner was it here
than it was here no more.
Who took it away?
Away into 
the great blue line of sky.

You look as sad as me.
Too painful to forgive –
you great blue scar of heart.
Don’t touch me now –
you great blue frozen soul.

Wait. Wait.
The blue will melt,
and melt, and melt.
And then touch, and touch, 
and touch again –
you great blue sky of love.

No lazy mind 
comes to poetry. 
For poetry goes 
where we are 
reluctant to travel. 
Travel we must.  

This little book of Donna Goddard’s poems and prayers is an effective source of healing, realignment, encouragement, and inspiration.

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