A Little Adventure—poem

Here is a new video of two of my poems: A Little Adventure (written a few months before my mother’s passing) and Half-Way There (written a few days after my mother’s passing).

A Little Adventure

Why are you worried?
It’s just a little adventure.
There’s plenty more to come.

It won’t be long
and we’ll see you again.
We’re never far apart.

You’ll barely be gone
and, once more, we will 
be uniting to restart.

Half-Way There

Afraid to go,
but done your stay,
“Help me out,”
you pray.

“Come with me,
my heart breaks.
Hold my hand, 
life gives and takes.”

“Yes,” I said,
“I will come.
It won’t take long,
me and Mum.”

But in that ground,
far from Earth,
the bonds that bind
this life from birth

hold loosely, loosely,
not much more.
In the middle,
no place anymore.

Halfway there,
which way to go?
I don’t know,
Earth lost its glow.

One foot here,
one foot there,
the holding place
of all our prayer.

Go or stay?
One must decide,
for the holding place
is half-alive.

A bit of Heaven
will go on.
A bit of Heaven 
will come back in Don.

So, when next you see 
your own reflection,
remember that Heaven
sees you with affection.

Live your life,
as best you can
for, one day, half-way,
you’ll be greeted by Nan.

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