Touched by Love: Light Bearers

I first learned hands-on-healing when I was twenty and happily belonged to a Catholic Charismatic Community. It was one of my favourite things to do. I never doubted its authenticity because, to me, it seemed obviously real and beneficial. 

I remember attending a community conference in a different state. At that stage, I didn’t have any money and was gifted the conference and flight tickets which I was thrilled about. The conference was a large, enthusiastic gathering with hundreds of young adults fired up with spiritual energy. 

One hands-on-healing session had a particularly long line. I waited patiently for my turn with the prayer healers. They were not much more than girls my age but very sincerely doing their best. As I knelt for them to put their hands on my shoulders, I told myself that it didn’t matter whose hands were on me because the power of God was running through them. I raised my arms and turned my palms and head Heavenwards. It was a beautiful moment of light. Afterwards, I thanked the girls and trotted off. 

Later, in the bathroom, I overheard one of my friends say to another friend, “Two of the healers asked me who our friend is. I told them her name is Donna and asked why they wanted to know. They said they were surrounded by a powerful, beautiful light when they prayed for her. They said that there was something special about Donna’s calling. Do you think we should tell her?”

They did tell me because they were lovely girls. As I didn’t want to make a fuss about it, I thanked them and changed the conversation to something else. 

This experience has always stayed in the back of my mind. I remember the profound feeling of light when I was being prayed for. I also remember that it was very affirming to have strangers acknowledge my calling. In our earthly world, a spiritually oriented person has to put up with a lot of misalignment. It was a very welcome change!

2 Replies to “Touched by Love: Light Bearers”

  1. Donna

    I love this story for do many reasons and how true it is and has proven. I never knew about this experience. Thank you for sharing it. Love and loyalty to you and the shining light you are. Robyn 🌻

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