Touched by Love: Ours to Answer

Charismatics and Pentecostals generally place their hands on the person’s shoulders. If we add to that the Eastern knowledge of chakras, it becomes a small step for the healer to place the hands directly on the body’s various energy centres, as in Reiki. It goes without saying that the healer must have the capacity to heal or, more precisely, the capacity to let the healing channel flow through them. Otherwise, to the client, it can feel like an invasion of personal boundaries or like nothing. 

Before being a full-time author, I had a private practice as a spiritual healer and counsellor, for about ten years, in which I practised, among other things, hands-on healing. Healing is partly a selfish career, as the path must always be. I wanted to learn how to be completely healthy and happy myself. Of course, I also wanted to share what I hopefully found with a world which seemed deeply in need of it. Healer and author, John Hargreaves, who was a spiritual teacher of mine, at that stage, was particularly supportive of me starting a practice as a healer. He said,

When we understand our oneness with God, we are able to heal spiritually because we know that in divine reality, there is no human concept of anything or anybody to fix up. The more clearly we realise this, the more the human scene becomes subservient and harmonious. It falls into line with the overriding power and completeness of the infinite All. John Hargreaves

In normal everyday life, I do not generally move into other people’s energy fields. Firstly, it is too intrusive. One has to be invited. Secondly, I wouldn’t last very long. Constantly merging with other people’s unbalanced energy fields would be exhausting. One has to only answer what is ours to answer.

Sometimes, when working with a healer, a person can heal instantly. Whatever problem they came in with can disappear before they walk out the door. In such situations, it is a combination of the person’s openness, the previous working-through of the problem, the capability of the healer to connect with the healing forces, and destiny. People often seek help at the tipping point of a problem when it seems the darkest, but actually dawn is just over the horizon. 

This is a pile of all my correspondence with healer and author, John Hargreaves, between 2003 and 2005. Some things are precious to us. He passed on a few weeks after my last email (although I didn’t even know he was ill).

The timing of a healing is neither the healer’s concern nor the client’s. We do our best and the rest is up to things beyond our control. Definitely, if we keep moving in the healing direction, things will change in a beneficial way and we will grow in many ways we would not have imagined. The intention to get well adds much fuel to our progress. 

The ability to heal (both ourself and others) comes automatically to all serious spiritual students, once they reach a certain point in their evolution. Ultimately, our soul is in the healing hands of the Divine. They are the majestic, invisible hands of healing which moulded our form and which continue to nurture our spirit.

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