It’s Alive!—Meditation for Healing and Creating

I made this 17-minute meditation two years ago, on a visit to the seaside, between Covid lockdowns. I posted the video on YouTube, at that time, but here are the words that go with it. It is a meditation for healing and creating.

Calm and Focused

Sit in a comfortable position on a chair, with your back straight, or on the floor, with your legs crossed. Make sure that your spine is straight, but keep your body free of tension as much as possible. Place your hands on your knees or thighs, and turn your palms upwards. If you would like to, you can touch your thumb and index finger to make a circle. Relax. Relax. Close your eyes, if they’re not already closed. Settle your whole system. Breathing in. Breathing out. Breathing in. Breathing out. Try to become conscious of your breath in a calm and focused way. Breathe at your own pace; whatever feels comfortable and natural for your body, that is perfectly fine.

Body Release

Put your attention on your feet. Tense them, tense them, tense them, and release. Put your attention on your calf muscles. Tense, tense, tense, release. On your thighs—tense, hold, release. On the muscles in your backside and your hips—tense, hold, release. On your arms, your upper arms, your lower arms, your hands and fingers—tense, scrunch them up, hold, release. On your chest, back, and shoulder muscles—tense, hold, release. On your neck, head, and face muscles—scrunch them up, hold, release. And breathe. Relax. Relax.

In Your Own Hands

This time is for you; a special time of healing and cleansing and creating. Remember that no matter what the circumstances, your life is always in your own hands—for you to heal, for you to create. That is a great gift. 

Feel that the blood is pumping around your body in an even, calm manner. Feel that all your organs are working in a precise, perfect way; rectifying the problems of your body. Feel that your muscles are releasing stress and healing themselves of any problems that they have. Feel that any inflammation in your body is settling itself. 

Scan your body with your inner eye to look for places where there are issues; anything that has a pain, that is blocked, that is stressed. See it, and talk to it in a reassuring manner. Say that you will do everything you can to help it to rectify itself, and that soon it will feel well again.

Whole Self

Take your inner awareness and move it to your forehead—in particular, to your third eye, between your eyes and slightly higher. Concentrate on this area in a gentle but distinct manner. Check that your spine is straight. Check that your body is relaxed. If it has any pain, acknowledge the pain but tell it, for the moment, you are concentrating on a different part of yourself in order to help the whole of yourself.


We’re now ready to move into our meditation. We are entering a beautiful beach. We take our shoes and socks off, and feel the sand. It’s cool, but not cold. It feels refreshing. We squelch through it and feel it running through our toes. We walk down to the water and look around. There’s not one single person on the beach, but it doesn’t feel alone or deserted. It feels peaceful. We touch the water. It feels cold. So, we walk along next to it; every now and again feeling it, again. Gradually, our feet and toes get used to the water. It doesn’t feel cool anymore. It feels perfect. 

Let Go

You roll up the legs of your pants and wade up to your knees. There’s no one else on the beach. Everyone is busy with other things. You walk along and, as the water moves in and out and passes your legs, you feel that it’s taking away your troubles. You decide that it would be best for your mental health to let go of all the things that you want in life, just for this moment—all the things you want to do, all the things that you don’t want to happen, all the ways that you want other people to be. All of it. Right now. You are releasing, and it is travelling out with the waves into the ocean. Every time the waves come in and move back out again, you feel a little lighter. You look in the direction of the sun. It’s also moving—between the clouds (or so it appears). It’s warm on your shoulders and face. You turn your face more directly to it. It feels healing, and you keep walking.

Beautiful Things

Now that your problems have made a little room in your body (by moving out of it with the waves), the sun speaks to you. It reminds you that there are things that you would like to do in life, things you would like to create, things that you are meant to fulfil. Beautiful things. Fulfilling things. Things that will make you happy. Things that will benefit other people. Remember what those things are. Turn to the sea and see them forming in the ocean far away. Whatever it is that comes deep from within you, visualise that. Visualise the people that will be involved in helping you create those things. Make sure that no one is hurt, no one is harmed, in whatever you want to create. Also see that no one can harm you, and no one can take your creation and destroy it. All that you do is safe. All that you build is protected. All that you do is with goodwill. See that there is only goodwill and harmony. Feel that whoever is drawn to you does so with good intentions and peace. See that there is happiness moving out from you, through other people, to all that you would like to build in this lifetime. 

Sand Castles

Know that your achievements don’t belong to you like an empire. Empires crumble like sand castles being washed away with the waves. We don’t build empires. We create with the sun. We create with the ocean. We make beautiful things that grow like forests—that are strong, and healing, and radiate a sense of beauty and purpose out into life. Everyone who wants to benefit from what you create, can do so. In this way, we are part of the sun, part of the ocean, part of the forest, part of the beat of life. We reach out to the world—creating with beauty, harmony, and love. A great force is behind us. All those who wish to walk with us are there, using their gifts, using their abilities. Together, it is one great, harmonious, thriving, musical force.

No Room

See very clearly what is inside you. See it in detail—exactly what you want to do. If it’s not quite right, it doesn’t matter. If the details are wrong, it doesn’t matter. It’s the energetic force, the drive to build it, the love of building it, the purity within it that will keep redirecting the force so that it moves in the most beautiful, constructive, positive way. All the energy is focused on positive building. There is no room for resentment or anger or fear. All of that has moved out into the ocean and drifted away. All the resentment, all the fear, all the jealousy, all the hurt, all the competitiveness, all the hatred, all the sadness, all the anxiety, all the depression have moved out of your body, out of your mind, out of your spirit—away, away, away.

It’s Alive!

What you are left with is a thriving, strong, positive, and beautiful life-force with which to build, create, love, and add creative fire and drive to the world. It’s alive! It’s a force that has tremendous life power. You align yourself with the great Creation of life; the Creation of everything.

Part of You

A voice is calling to you from the forest. It is time to return. You move from the water and walk through the cool sand. You feel it again between your toes. You turn and take one final look at the water. You are always welcome at this beach. You are always welcome in this place. It is part of you. It is the healing part of you and the creating part of you. It is the divine part of your being, the spark of life. It came with you and goes wherever you go. It wants to thrive through you. It is glad to be alive in you.

Wake Up

When you are ready, wiggle your fingers and your toes. Feel that your spirit is squarely and firmly in your body. You are ready to use your spiritual power in a healthy and vital way. Feel that your mind is awake, intelligent, and full of ideas—constructive, harmonious, wonderful ideas which will make your life a blessing. When you are ready, open your eyes, look around, and say thank you for the beautiful gift of life. Stay awake.

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