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Good fiction is not only based on believable and interesting characters but, at its centre, is the quote. The whole point of storytelling is to set the scene for something important to occur. This is generally encapsulated in the words of the characters at strategic points along the way. When we recall loved novels, we recall moments of meaning, change, and insight. Often, we can remember the exact words that were said. I sometimes think, with a little amusement, that writing fiction is like a long, drawn-out way of writing nonfiction. It takes a lot of words, conversations, and stage-setting to get to the point we want to make.



The idea of discovery and consequent possession is used by those who have neither the intelligence nor sensitivity to see the value in lives other than their own. Anyway, there is no need to possess anything when there is access to everything. It is only when someone says that your mother belongs to them that there is a problem.

When you live from the land which, ultimately, all of us do, then soil is everything. Forgetting this is at our peril.

How we name things is closely connected with how we perceive them. Why else would colonisers rename everything? 

Everyone walks everywhere in a country town, especially the children. Although most are unaware of its impact, it automatically connects bodies to the land. All the changes in temperature are keenly felt when there is little dividing the body from its surrounds.

Healthy, well-balanced people tend to have uncomplicated faces. Faces only become complicated after years of layering from mental and emotional stress.

Happy people don’t compare themselves with others. If they like something in another person, it inspires them to do something a little different in themselves. They don’t waste energy on jealousy.


We can develop a small space between ourself and our body and mind. In this way, even if we are suffering something physically or mentally, it will not have such an impact on our inner stability.

She wasn’t a crier. She wasn’t opposed to it but, at this stage of her life, she didn’t normally feel the need for it.

Every part of your body is attached to your brain and to numerous energy centres. Your neck, in particular, is intricately interwoven with your brain function. When your neck is cracked, it gives a major dump of information to your brain.

Productivity is far more related to undivided attention and openness than it is to time.


The indigenous names of rivers don’t have River attached to them as they do in English. They are individual and complete entities in their own right; just like people.

He was educated by everything but the education system.

How else can one claim one’s maternal heritage but by being blood and bone, dirt and stone?

If you are a loving person, by the time you are fifty, you will have loved many people. Even if you have been married to the same person for thirty years, in your heart of hearts, you’ll have loved others. Humans are like that.

Don’t say what you don’t mean. Say what you do.


Every age and every stage of life has its own jokes (usually laughing at other age groups and also at one’s own), its own way of doing things, and its own benefits.

Earth, dust, ash, and mud are not just yogic ideas or Catholic ones. They are universal ones. Religions are far more similar than they are different.

Religions are far more similar than they are different.


These days, churches are generally closed, except for services. These powerful places of accumulated prayer have healing energy in the air and they are all locked up with no one being able to benefit. The churches, themselves, must be sad not to use the many years of prayer, heartbreak, laughter, love, and every other human emotion that is shared with the Divine. If people could see the energy, they would not lock the buildings up. They would use them. The problem is that people can neither see the energy, nor do they know what to do with it.

The woman was one of those lovely senior ladies who – having raised her children, been blessed with grandchildren, and graced with a long, positive marriage – dedicates most of her free time to charity work. Such women feel grateful that they have got thus far without some catastrophe, such as a child dying, a traumatic marriage breakup, the loss of a loved family home, or a debilitating illness. Or, if they have had to endure one or more of these sorrows, they are the sort of person to pick themselves up and make something out of the mess; so much so that other people, down the track, wouldn’t know about their past dramas. They always have a gracious and ready smile, wear sensible shoes, and have a cardigan and umbrella on hand in case the weather turns bad. Bless them – where would our communities be without them. They hold the fibre of families, churches, and every imaginable community project together.

How healing water is. It’s one of the main elements of life. We are more than 70% water which is why we respond to it so readily. It doesn’t just clean our body. That’s the least of it. It cleans our etheric bodies. That’s why almost everyone feels better after a long shower.

Truth Be Told

We are masters at not seeing obvious connections. So, our body takes on the connection for us. Once we relieve it of this responsibility, it usually jumps for joy and jumps right out of whatever physical predicament it had to acquire on our behalf. 

Need is often dressed as love, but it is always self-concerned. Love can be dressed any old way it wants, but it will always be concerned with the good of the other. 

When normal people fall in love, they want a lot of unstated stuff – a lot of ridiculous stuff. If they don’t get it, they tend to get angry and then they do a lot of ridiculous stuff. That’s when endings happen. For me, endings didn’t happen. Situations can certainly end, but love doesn’t end. Otherwise, it isn’t love, is it?

As problematic as falling in love is, it serves a valuable purpose. When someone falls in love with you, they become open in a way that they are generally not. That means you can influence them. Yes, it’s a risk. You have to accept the danger of them turning into a psychopath. But there is also the possibility of them learning something valuable that may otherwise take them lifetimes to learn. It’s worth the risk.

Men had a tendency to fall in love with her. Not all men, only some, but more than you would expect. She was not particularly fall-in-love-with sort of material. She was only ordinarily attractive – attractive in the way that everyone is when they are healthy and happy. Her only sexiness was in her connection to the earth. All other sexiness didn’t even make sense to her. She wasn’t particularly focused on men as she didn’t tend to see people as men or women. 

The karmic dumping ground of our body is the storehouse of many memories. Bodies have their own highly effective way of doing the talking.

Bodies have their own highly effective way of doing the talking.

The Dancing Hunter

Your mouth can open many doors, but not all.

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