DesignThere is a great deal of fantasy in so-called real life and real in so-called fantasy.

Waldmeer is a beautiful seaside village whose residents move between dimensions frequently. Almost everyone in the world of Waldmeer visits other worlds but almost no one remembers it.

The spiritual path is very practical and relevant. This is particularly so in our personal relationships which have more power to change us than anything else. Waldmeer is a human and spiritual story of love.

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To read various chapters of Waldmeer click links below.

The Garden

Chapter 1: One Who Speaks
Chapter 2: The Guiltless Garden
Chapter 3: Don’t Come Back
Chapter 4: Winter’s Over

Maria of Waldmeer

Chapter 5: A Gift From God
Chapter 6: Waldmeer Corner Store and Cafe
Chapter 7: Erdo Kapus

The Leleks 

Chapter 8: Family
Chapter 9: Hold My Hand
Chapter 10: Nightmare

The Call to Love

Chapter 11: Noble
Chapter 12: No One Can Take Her
Chapter 13: On My Own 
Chapter 14: The Long Beach

Retrieving Amira

Chapter 15: North Country
Chapter 16: Pack
Chapter 17: Border
Chapter 18: Seeing


Chapter 19: Daughter
Chapter 20: Shrine
Chapter 21: Gentle Corrector


Chapter 22: Fear
Chapter 23: Vastandamine Forest
Chapter 24: A Better Book

Being Saved

Chapter 25: Special
Chapter 26: Visitor
Chapter 27: Clouds

New Beginning

Chapter 28: Moving
Chapter 29: Candles


Chapter 30: Money
Chapter 31: Seeing Souls
Chapter 32: Purpose


Chapter 33: Nothing
Chapter 34: Magic Mist
Chapter 35: Safety


Chapter 36: Bloodlines
Chapter 37: Letter
Chapter 38: Retreat

Mir Street

Chapter 39: Broken
Chapter 40: Stealing or Healing
Chapter 41: Inevitable but Not Necessary
Chapter 42: Kissing
Chapter 43: Grace


Chapter 44: Hierarchy
Chapter 45: Time Warp
Chapter 46: Unlikely Friends


Chapter 47: Bless
Chapter 48: Love First, Love Last


Chapter 49: Loss
Chapter 50: Birthday
Chapter 51: Release
Chapter 52: Amira of Eraldus

Happy Moments

Chapter 53: The Dance
Chapter 54: Home

Character and Place Summary

Places – Human
Places – Inter-dimensional