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Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer)

“It is one thing to lose people you love. It is another to lose yourself. That is a greater loss.”
“Your body would not get sick if you held no thought of resentment. It is neither good nor bad of itself. If we hold anything against anyone, we will suffer ourselves.”
“Life is not a competition. No one has to lose for someone else to win. A true blessing blesses everyone.”
“When we love someone, we make it our business to protect them.”
“Anything that is held in secret cannot be healed. The light cannot reach that which is locked away in the dark.”
“We draw into our life those who will help us to grow. Naturally, we tend to have mixed feelings about those very people but they are marked for us. We have forgotten that we wrote them an invitation some time ago. We look at them as if they are intruders when all along they are our guests.”
“Life is not a competition. No one has to lose for someone else to win. A true blessing blesses everyone. A fragmented love which makes others lose will eventually turn upon itself and destroy the very thing which was being so carefully guarded. An open-hearted love will follow a course which can only lead somewhere good.”
“We have already said more goodbyes than are necessary. Those were goodbyes that brought about the end of partings. We taught each other that no parting is possible.”
“The question is: do you want suffering or do you want peace? It’s that simple.”
“Relationships are valuable no matter who they are between.”
“You can turn every ugly and damaging drama into a genuine blessing by seeing it differently. No one is suffering on purpose. We learn to give up the pleasure we feel in self-righteously blaming others. Healing happens when we see things differently. The question is: do you want suffering or peace? It’s that simple.”
“Relationships are used by the darkness to keep people revolving around the ego’s demands. For a moment, people see the light of the divine in each other. They run to it and then quickly forget the light they once saw as their fears reclaim their consciousness. Thus begins the ongoing battle to protect one’s own ‘rights’, in case they be forgotten or betrayed. The tally of what is owed is counted, the guilt of perceived wrong doings is cast upon the other, one’s freedom must be paid as the price for ‘love’, and it is only in short periods of peace when all of this is forgotten. Those moments are the precious windows of the Soul.”
“Healing is simple, if one is healed.”
“The spiritual path is more of an unlearning than a learning.”
“Those we love become our teachers whether we intend it or not.”
“Read minds more than minding words.”
“We make people special to us, believing that they can save us. When one thing doesn’t work, we look somewhere else to be saved. We rarely question the concept, itself. Sometimes, we don’t look to another person to save us but to money, acknowledgement, a title, a cause, a notion of ourselves. None of it can save us. We travel the path in different ways; some are polite, some are ruthless, some are clever, some are instinctive. In the end, it all leads to the same despairing place. In the unsuspecting quiet moments, there it is; a sense of peace and a feeling that everything is fine without searching for anything to be saved by.”
“Anger is a cover for fear.”
“Do not be afraid of love or the course it will take. There is no certainty in life. Choose love first and choose love last and it will give you more than you ever give it.”
“If you can’t work it out together then let each other go freely. You loved her once. She is still that same person. Think of that person you once loved. She is that person whether you are together or not.”
“Every grievance you hold hides a little more of the light of the world from your eyes until the darkness becomes overwhelming. Everything you forgive restores that light. So ask yourself, who is it that you are really hurting?”
“Every relationship is a love-lesson.”
“There is a depth to life which only comes from our connection to other people. However, we have to find it without becoming a prisoner.”
“It’s easy to be nice to people who don’t mean that much to us. But if something matters to us, we will fight to make it work in our favour. Do we even know what is in our favour?”
“Have no delusions of grandeur or plotting schemes. Have flawless confidence because you are worthy and sacred.”
“Lies rob us of our trust and we project our untrustworthiness onto everyone around us. Have you ever noticed that the innocent are very trusting? They neither lie nor hold other people’s lies against them. Liars, on the other hand, see sabotage everywhere.”
“Artists see the invisible before anyone else.”
“We can learn to use the pain in our relationships to transform us thereby turning them into entities which heal not harm.”
“We do not get to Heaven alone.”
“Even though our most prized personal bondings are, generally, selfish and egotistical, they are also our saviour. Through them, we learn to see the essence of ourselves, each other, and life. Our relationships are transformed and so are we. Offer your relationships to God and you will not be disappointed with what is made of them.”
“We don’t have to stay in a repeating bad story, We can pick up a new book which is better and happier, just by putting the other book down.”
“Relationships are a gift from God. One cannot arrange what is not written in Heaven. Both people must feel the spark of God which ignites the love and says, “Come this way, I have a good story for you.”
“It is only when we are far enough along to realise the sorry state that most people are in that we lose our concern with what other people think.”
“It takes courage to tread one’s own course, but only at the beginning of each new stage. We hope that we are safe but we are not yet sure.”
“It is the light of love which connects us to others. We answer the call of love. It comes from God and touches our soul.”
“It is a great honour to be human. Humans have the capacity to freely choose their destiny and, one day, they will all choose the right destiny.”
“True forgiveness totally alters our perception. It sees the spiritual truth and loses sight of the alternatives. Our ego refuses to do this because its main food is remembering the wrongdoings against us even if they are entirely fabricated. To choose to see a different reality leaves the ego no room. It is the healing space. It is the beautiful space. It is the space of love and happiness.”
“We all see a different reality and we make decisions based on what we see. Everyone is trying to protect their interests in the best way that they can. The world is commonly viewed as a place where someone must lose in order for someone else to win. It’s a competition with winners and losers. You must know, in your own heart, that there is an overriding Love which loves everyone.”
“That voice you listen to is no friend. It promises so much but when has it ever given you what it promised? When has it ever given you any happiness longer than a fleeting moment? It has your destruction as its goal, not your happiness.”
“The road is certain for anyone who ventures near it.”
“We leave situations that are constantly painful or we seriously change them. However, the Greyness is more deceptive than that. It prolongs its lifespan by throwing in occasional light. Those moments give us the illusion of hope; that we can eventually get what we want from the same scenario.”
“Time is not necessary for healing but it is generally inevitable.”
“It is not for you to decide who you will love and trust. Love those who come into your life. Love them for as long as they wish to be there. And then still love them even if they are no longer there. You cannot run out of love or give too much away. You don’t have to decide or arrange anything. Your happiness is already assured.”
“Relationships are a gift from God. One cannot arrange what is not written in Heaven. Both people must feel the spark of God which ignites the love and says, ‘Come this way, I have a good story for you.”
“We must search for that point in the centre of a problem from which all the pain radiates. We have to be brave enough to pull the simple, biting answer from the depths of our murky consciousness.”
“There is a great deal of fantasy in real life and real in fantasy.”
“Healing has its own power and, once started, it moves ahead methodically knowing exactly what track to take for the most efficient and effective results.”
“Your first responsibility is to your own worth. Everything comes from that.”
“We cannot have two masters. They will never agree.”

9781790317202Together (Book 2 of Waldmeer)

“We should respect other people’s decisions, even if they seem bad ones to us. Perhaps, we are wrong. Perhaps, we are not wrong but the decision is necessary for the person’s growth.”
“Push too far into independence and we disconnect and hurt each other. Then in a longing for togetherness, we seek each other out; fumbling around for the warmth of the other. Push too far into intimacy and we get afraid of losing ourselves in it and head the other way. It is the ongoing interplay between independence and intimacy.”
“The ego is constantly on guard and looking for all the ways it will be betrayed and hurt. If we listen with our fears then almost everything is a threat. If we listen with our spirit then no offence is taken. The voice we listen to changes our perception.”
“Have you noticed how much lying we do in our relationships? We tell ourselves that it’s not lying or it is excusable for purposes of self-defence. How little we realise that every lie digs us deeper into a painful delusion and we end up building war zones, not love boats.”
“It’s easy to be nice to people who don’t mean that much to us. But if something matters to us, we will fight to make it work in our favour. Do we even know what is in our favour?”
“The learning opportunities of togetherness are not only practical but precious for us all.”
“Every relationship is a lesson in love.”
“Be braver. Be more honest. Don’t hold onto what you knew in the past. Artists are meant to express what other people cannot. That is why an artist, of any type, is given a privileged position in society. They are meant to inspire and we are very reliant on inspiration to help us in our lives. You cannot inspire if you are not honest. What is honest for you now will take more courage to carry and hold than it did in the past.”
“The relationship, whatever form it may take now and in the future, is already in motion. It is already bringing up the right issues. Regardless of its destined outcome, it is working in that good/bad, pleasure/painful way that important relationships do. Keep your own eyes on a straight course of love and trust and it will help to move everything in that direction.”
“Love is to free, not to imprison.”
“We may be learning different things a lot of the time, but we are learning them together.”
“Who would willingly walk the path of love if they knew its cost without first being seduced by its promise?”
“Our thoughts and prayers have so much power. If people realised this, they would be much more careful where they let their thoughts drift.”

9781722335830Circles of Separation (Book 3 of Waldmeer)

“It is not the frame which matters but the picture. Make sure that the picture is beautiful. The frame is only there to draw the eyes to the picture.”
“Love is its own reward. We do not have to worry about what other people think about us. We can never feel alone or isolated when we understand that it is impossible for love to leave our side. Love is all around us.”
“We’re our own worst enemy and our own best friend.”
“At every step, she paused, withdrew to the inner sanctuary, and asked herself, Does this feel right? Her answer came in the form of peace or tension. If she felt tension, she stepped a different way. If she felt peace, she kept going forward.”
“You see the separation of life as very arbitrary at this time. You are not alone in this assumption. You have far more connection than you are even vaguely aware of. You will not lose the love that is yours.”
“The worst place is at the fork. You can’t keep going the same direction as you came. You have to choose one or other path. Whatever the choice, at least, it is movement. Otherwise, you are just forking around getting nowhere.”
“The Spirit is as much a jealous lover as the ego. Both guard their path with an uncompromising passion but for very different reasons.”
“No one replaces anyone else. No one substitutes for another person. Every person is unique. Every relationship is unique. Every relationship’s purpose is unique. Life is fluid; it moves. It doesn’t die; it reforms. Each day is new. We can only try and do our best for today. It’s enough, don’t you think? No more is asked. But also no less.”
“When the body is in its rightful mode, it is silent. We feel neither well nor sick, healthy nor unhealthy. The body becomes the quiet, perfectly functioning tool by which God uses us in this life. Your body can be well just as easily as sick. Your life can be harmonious and glad just as easily as it can be tormented and dramatic. Choose carefully. And if you have chosen unfortunately then choose again.”
“We must know who we are and where we are.”
“If a physical overhaul brings more freedom, creativity, and self-worth then the process will add to the person’s depth and happiness. It would be a step closer to realising one’s inestimable worth. If the overhaul doesn’t do that then it is decorating skeletons.”
“The Dream Maker is here by consent of every person who ever came here.”
“Do not assume that someone else’s ego can love you. It cannot. It does not even love the person it resides in. The limit of the ego’s ‘love’ is to decide that you are a temporary ally and thus it will protect you for the benefit of its own use. Only a soul can accept and return love. Everything else is manipulation. Fragile arrangements. They are, at best, suspicious and, at worst, vicious.”
“Relationships are valuable for healing and learning how to love.”
“Be forgiving but wise.”
“If we could live in the consecrated spaces of happiness and forget the past, how easily the world would transform.”
“Don’t feed the drama monster. It’s insatiable and has no friends.”
“The worst person to get away from is oneself.”
“Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.”
“Love is its own reward.”
“The more we veer away from our true nature, the more unhappy we feel. When we align with our better self, we feel happy and content again.”
“You have to stay out of the game. It’s deadly and no one ever wins. Everyone is a loser. Even seeming wins are short-lived and have the taste of bitterness mixed in with the satisfaction of personal gain. The ego is exclusive by nature. While the spirit seeks to include, the ego is unashamedly manipulative in its culling of people. The intention of self-aggrandisement is barely even covered over. The soul does not see people in terms of what it can gain. It seeks to share. It seeks to create by extension of its own and others’ true nature. The ego is extremely changeable. It has no stability. Constantly guarding against attack and looking out for its own advantage, its perceptions and thus feelings towards others are ever-shifting. This creates unhappiness. The more we veer away from our true nature, the more unhappy we feel. When we align with our better self, we feel happy again. And so the process continues until the spaces between happiness are not as long and arduous. The presence or absence of personal peace is our barometer. It will guide us even if we are not sure of the way.”
“Put your efforts towards the things in life that enhance your highest self”
“I felt acutely grateful to everyone, everywhere, who does their best by giving what they have to give, no matter what issues they are facing in their own lives.”
“If you must dream a dream, at least, make it a happy dream.”
“Peace; how unassuming you are. Yet, you are king of all the feelings.”
“Whenever you feel a spark of love or goodwill towards another person – male, female, young or old – feed it so that it will grow. It is not about finding the right person or people. People are not that right. Even if they start out right, we soon have a litany of complaints. The only answer is to be the right person ourselves. Then everything will have a tendency to work together in a good way. And when it does work, don’t then be waving contracts, written or invisible, in front of people. Love that controls is not love but a contract. It says, “You must love me in this way,” not “I love you.” You have your freedom and life has its own justice so you don’t need to jump into the driving seat before the other person has an opportunity to. Just love. Love freely and genuinely. Love openly and with courage. And forgive, forgive, forgive. People are a mass of problems. Stop remembering them all or there will be no room to create the beautiful moments you wish to cherish in your soul.”
“Think not you can return on the path that leads to the fork.
Taken once, it disappears as the choice lies ahead.
Both roads will lead to somewhere but one will be to nowhere.”
“If one can remember that one is here for something more than fragile dreams then one will have passed the first, pivotal test.”
“One gets away with a lot when one is in an unchallenging relationship or is too busy to invest in one at all. Mostly, one gets away from oneself.”
“We all have two voices, perhaps, many more. Every day, if not every minute, we have to choose which one will get our attention. If we choose the higher one, our suffering will lessen and, quite often, completely disappear but it takes humility and trust. The longer we keep listening to the lower voice, the harder it is to drag ourselves away from it. Nevertheless, all it takes is one second. If we chose something else last week or yesterday or a minute ago, it doesn’t matter. We just need to make another choice right now.”
“Relationships are constantly changing. They have to be dealt with every day anew. They are not constant, unchanging entities. You have to pay attention. If things take a turn for the worse then it is painful but it’s a chance to see things differently, a chance to see more. So that is a helpful pain.”
“Do not like or dislike anyone. Share your love regardless of how it is received. Anyone who can receive it, will do so. Many, who you are unaware of, will benefit from it. See yourself as a total person; not a partial person. Do not seek completion from other humans. Do not be disturbed by pains which come and go. Pick yourself up and take each pain as an important opportunity to progress. Tell yourself that you will have a happy and blessed life. Forgive everyone who hurts you. They are suffering already. You are loved beyond anything you can currently perceive. Be brave and do not fall asleep.”
“The way is not narrow. It’s wide. Everyone is welcome. However, we have to know that we are welcome or we keep the door shut ourselves.”
“Healing has a chance in our lives when we have exhausted all our other options.”
“Above all, I wish to see.”

“There is so much more.”


Faith (Book 4 of Waldmeer)
“Trying to get someone interested in us (who is not) is a painful and pointless endeavour. There are many people in the world. Some are for us. Most are not.”
“Some people’s words stay inside us and have the power to change us and other people’s words are powerless, no matter how intelligent they may sound.”
“We assign roles to all the people in our life in an attempt to master it. The roles can be reasonable or preposterous. Either way, when we realise that others do not agree to the terms of the role we have assigned to them, we get upset. Is it their fault? Surely, they are simply following their own dreams. What matters is that we love the dreamer of the dream. It matters that we love people. We mustn’t invent roles for others because we think it will make us happy. Who are we to invent such things? Can the tiny piece of seaweed tell the vast ocean what it must do? What wills to grow, will grow. What wills to flow, will flow.”
“What wills to grow, will grow. What wills to flow, will flow.”
The last useless battle;
someone will fall.
Useless but useful,
for nothing, for All.
The one that falls is our own small self. Indeed, it must fall. Every battle is useless because, ultimately, they are not necessary. Nevertheless, every battle is important because we cannot win a battle that we don’t know we should be fighting. It is all for nothing and also all for everything.”
“When we give our attention and love to anything in life, it is a significant offering. We only have so much time. What we spend it on and who we give it to will determine the course of our life.”
“There was nothing about her that was offensive and there was nothing about her that was attention seeking. It was as if her body functioned so well and silently that she barely even noticed it except that she needed it.”
“Looking is only for those who cannot see.”
“Relationships always bring about the dissolution of our delusions.”
“Creating is higher than healing. It is primal. However, in order to create profoundly, we must first heal.”
“What have you got to lose? What are you hanging onto? Trust. You have not come this far to turn back now. You are almost there. Have faith.”
“All of creation wants to create through you. You are not your body and you are not in your body. Your body is in Life. Use it until you need it no more and then you will be happy to release it.”
“Love isn’t a spell. Not if it’s the sort of love that wakes us up. Then it’s a spell-breaker, not a spell-maker.”
“There are bound to be problems and life is not perfect but we can be grateful for all the pieces of life that are happy and harmonious. The other pieces will have their own way of falling into place. The less ego there is in both the good and the bad, the more the good things can grow and the bad things will not be fed.”
“What changes is the mindset from which he is seeing life. Sometimes, it is higher. Sometimes, it is lower. When it is higher, he is more strongly confident in his attachment to you. When it is lower, he gets pulled by all the offerings of the ego and the people in his life who share those values with him. He doesn’t know that he is constantly gravitating between the two. Otherwise, it would be easy to fix, and it is not. One has to learn to recognise both mindsets and understand the consequences of each.”
“There is an aid for helping us to learn how to distinguish between the ego way and the higher way. It is pain. The ego way inevitably leads to pain, even if it seems to temporarily satisfy. The higher way does not. It works. And it works harmoniously. It brings the sort of success that has no bitter after-taste. It is not manipulative. It doesn’t play one person against another. It doesn’t feed anyone’s fantasies. It is honest and it protects the good.”
“Those who view you as detrimental to their own causes will see you as an enemy, no matter what you think of them. Whatever damage they think they can get away with, they will do. The more the ego wants something, the more vicious it can become. If it is not vicious immediately, it will simply be biding time. Everyone who has come to Earth has chosen the ego and must learn, quickly or slowly, its worthlessness and its venom.”
“Don’t have a goal in mind when it comes to people. Your value is the love you share with the world. That love will always draw to you what you need. Remain faithful to the spirit you see in others and you will save them a thousand years of tears.”
“A thousand years of tears can only be voluntarily avoided,”
“Desperation is the door of the Divine.”
“Everyone on Earth is on Death Row until they find a way out. It’s not so hard to find the way out. The problem is wanting to.”
“Do you really want to hold onto empty things? We don’t have to give anything up. They just need transforming. A thousand years of happiness would be much better than another thousand years of tears, don’t you think?”
“She rarely used the dormant fire that was inside her. It was seldom necessary but when it came, it came without apology. It came from Beyond and when present, she had no personal identity. Having no identity and therefore nothing to lose, the force was given free rein. Therein lay its power.”
“They did normal things, but they did them with abnormal love and inclusiveness.”

“To an ego, being ignored is equivalent to annihilation. To not exist is any ego’s greatest fear. It is a warranted fear because the ego does, in fact, get annihilated in proportion to the growth of one’s spiritual realisation. However, the rewards of spiritual development so outshine the feeble offerings of the ego that it is an insignificant price to pay. Does one begrudge paying a small price for something invaluable?”


“This is where I am, so I give myself to here.”
“We all have different things to do in life. And how we know is that it drives us and won’t let us go.”
“Beauty is the soul of life. If we learn to see beauty, we are never far from God.”
“Acceptance is easier when one is powerless.”
“Before anyone can improve their life, they must get the idea that change is possible, that life can be different and better, and that it is worth the effort it takes to make it happen.”
“Some things are not meant for giving away.”

“Who am I to judge? They are all building their own worlds, growing their abilities, and forming relationships. How else do people learn but by experience and practice?”
“In amongst the momentary glory and inevitable change is the unrelenting, ferocious desire to express the soul through a limited body in the hope that it can bring some peace to a painful inner and outer world.”
“Along with all the dirty work, there is also love. Along with all the dirty dancing, there is also purity. Along with all the hatred, hurt, and anger, there is also healing.”
“The silence is constant. The noise is temporary.”
“We cultivate inner stillness through the practice of contemplation or awareness. Behind the normal goings-on of everyday life, we try to have a consistent wakefulness. We learn to watch what we are thinking, what other people are thinking, and what is the spiritual truth of any given situation. We live in two realms. One is the visible human realm. The other is the invisible spiritual realm. This is not obvious to anyone except those who do the same thing. Then it is instantly recognisable.”
“Withdrawal is not really a choice. Nor is it something one should try to do. Some people will find that their attachment to the world has, without effort, diminished and they will crave solitude. They may withdraw from mainstream life in order to focus on their growth. Withdrawal can be deceptive in appearance. A person can live an apparently solitary lifestyle but their mind is full of noise. On the other hand, someone can have the appearance of a normal life but, unknown to others, be in a state of inner solitude.”
“Without silence, we can neither know ourselves, another, or the depth of anything beautiful. We learn how to take silence into the noise.”
“Most of our problems would be gone if we stopped saying three, little words. What about me?”