Quotes from Waldmeer – 2nd Generation

WALDMEER – 2nd Generation

Pittown (Book 1)

Part 1: Pittown

Remarkably Ordinary

“This is where I am, so I give myself to here.”
Merlyn re living in Pittown.

The Sleeping Prophet

“We all have different things to do in life. And how we know is that it drives us and won’t let us go.”
Elderly Enid to Merlyn

“Beauty is the soul of life. If we learn to see beauty, we are never far from God.”
Enid to Merlyn

The Moving Buddha

“Acceptance is easier when one is powerless.”
Commentator re Ben discovering that Merlyn was pregnant.

Moving On

“Before anyone can improve their life, they must get the idea that change is possible, that life can be different and better, and that it is worth the effort it takes to make it happen.”
Merlyn’s thoughts re the people of Pittown.

“Some things are not meant for giving away.”
Merlyn’s thoughts re the sad love story of Martha and Father Francis.

Dirty Dancing

“Who am I to judge? We are all building our own worlds, growing our abilities, and forming relationships. How else do people learn but by experience and practice?”
Merlyn’s thoughts re Ben and his students/colleagues from the State Ballet.

“In amongst the momentary glory and inevitable change is the unrelenting, ferocious desire to express the soul through a limited body in the hope that it can bring some peace to a painful inner and outer world.”
Merlyn’s thoughts as she walked passed the State Ballet.

“Along with all the dirty work, there is also love. Along with all the dirty dancing, there is also purity. Along with all the hatred, hurt, and anger, there is also healing.”
Merlyn’s thoughts re dancing and relationships.

Part 2: Silent Order

Joe-Joe’s Apartments

“The silence is constant. The noise is temporary.”
Dr Apollo to Merlyn on her first visit to Level 3, Joe-Joe’s Apartments.

“We cultivate inner stillness through the practice of contemplation or awareness. Behind the normal goings-on of everyday life, we try to have a consistent wakefulness. We learn to watch what we are thinking, what other people are thinking, and what is the spiritual truth of any given situation. We live in two realms. One is the visible human realm. The other is the invisible spiritual realm. This is not obvious to anyone except those who do the same thing. Then it is instantly recognisable.”
Dr Apollo during Merlyn’s first Silent Order meeting.

“Withdrawal is not really a choice. Nor is it something one should try to do. Some people will find that their attachment to the world has, without effort, diminished and they will crave solitude. They may withdraw from mainstream life in order to focus on their growth. Withdrawal can be deceptive in appearance. A person can live an apparently solitary lifestyle but their mind is full of noise. On the other hand, someone can have the appearance of a normal life but, unknown to others, be in a state of inner solitude.”
Dr Apollo’s reply re withdrawal during the community meeting.

“Without silence, we can neither know ourselves, another, or the depth of anything beautiful. We learn how to take silence into the noise.”
Dr Apollo to the meeting.

Lovers, Fairies, and Fools

“Most of our problems would be gone if we stopped saying three, little words. What about me?”
Dr Apollo during Silent Order meeting in the Botanic Gardens.

Hidden Entrance

“The place where all important things happen is silent and solitary. It is seldom spoken of. It is momentous, yet, almost imperceptible.”
Commentator re Ben’s retreat at his Store Creek house.

Part 3: Back to the Border

Crossing Lines and Drawing Circles

Neither person has to give any of themselves away. They are entirely themselves. Together they live in something bigger than themselves which encloses both. It is something that is already made; something the two belong to; something that they both merge with without losing anything.”

Esther (Book 2)

“The world is changed by change in individuals. It’s not the world that needs changing. It’s  us.”

Lit Up

“Understanding ourselves takes work and courage. Whether or not we choose to do it is up to us. Although, essentially, we don’t have a choice because, eventually, the pain will make it intolerable. It’s more a matter of how much pain we are willing to endure before we undergo the ‘pain’ of transformation. At least, the latter pain gets us somewhere.”
Esther (therapist) to Ben

Prana Community

“We are all here to create a healthy body, a clear mind, balanced emotions, and an aligned energy field.”
Verloren to Merlyn

“We do not always have control over what happens in the outside world, but we can learn to control what happens on the inside.”
Verloren to Merlyn