The Love of Devotion (nonfiction)

EEE1F078-ED6E-463C-B9C8-2A5BC45CB01AAs students of life, we seek both relief from suffering and growth of happiness. Deeply considering uplifting ideas raises our consciousness from the realm of the material problem into the powerful and harmonious realm of the spiritual. It is what a dedicated spiritual practice is all about. We give up our own ideas, hurts, fears, and grudges and concede to the Greater. We expand and we heal. This edition includes most of The Love of Being Loving.

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Chapter 1: Solutions are Spiritual

Existential Crisis, Breath of God, The Dark Night of the Soul,
The Two Intelligent Questions, Who Am I Angry At,
Blame, Telling the Truth, Relationships and Interaction, The Prayer of Right Seeing, The Sound of One Hand Clapping,
The Eleven Principles of Metapsychiatry

Chapter 2: Beneficial Presence in the World

The Four W’s, Prayer and Meditation, Unsolicited Solicitude, The Four Horsemen, Types of Spiritual Students, The Door To Joy, A Holy Process, The Healing of Memories, Compassion, Faking Forgiveness, Recognition, Regret and Reorientation, Don’t Make a Move Without God, A Rare Encounter, What Really Is

Chapter 3: Metaphysics

New Relationship, New Pathway, Synonyms, Spiritual Healing, Fear, No Personal Healer,
The Process of Change, Discerning Thoughts, A Knowledge of Error,
Mind Reading and Psychic Ability,
Reading the One Mind, I Am Not Here, 
Guarding Our Thoughts
Conversations and Gossip

Chapter 4: The Human Experience

Material Supply, Translating Things Into Thoughts,
Companionship and Love, No Love is Lovely But the Divine,

Sexual Expression, The Longing for Oneness, Moving Meditation,
Creativity and Beauty,
Moral Freedom, Each Successive Stage, Neither Married Nor Not Married, The Dawn of Ideas, Gratitude Prayer


Chapter 5: Teachers

Past Teachers,
Like Attracts Like, Physicians of the Soul, Nonduality,
Spiritual Teachers, Who Chooses Who, Energetic Attraction,
The Design of the Patchwork, Energetic Field of the Teacher, Alignment or Misalignment, Dedication to Truth Not Personality, God-Confirmatory Not Self-Confirmatory, Transformation, Breaking the Ties, Choosing Our Battles, God is Sufficient, Leaving the Nest, Our First Spiritual Teacher, One Grand Brotherhood

Chapter 6: The Sweetness of Love

Scale of Consciousness, Energy Field of Love,
Glowing, Willingness,
Nice is Not Always Nice, Contentment,
Family Tension, Good Grace,
Taking the Lead,
Spoiling, Our Primary Responsibility,
Relationship Status, Transitions,
Intimacy, Currents of the Sea, Attractiveness as an Energy Field,
Transforming Sexual Energy, Rising Life-Force, Servants of God

Chapter 7: Grist for the Mill

Spiritual Work, Crises and Resistance, Release and Balance,
Group Healing,
Repression, Raving Lunatics to Peaceful Warriors,
Pride, Pride Goes Before the Fall, Depression,
Courage, All Fear is Fallacious,
Balance, Neither Beginning Nor End,
The Flame Ignites,
Dancing to the Same Rhythm, We Are One
We Are Here For God

Chapter 8: Healing

Living Prayer, Miracles, Karmic Propensities,
Attitude of Heart, Transformative Commitment, Nothing is Left Hidden, Freedom in Forgetting,
Continuum of Evolution, Self-Love, Discernment,
Spiritual Evolution, Finding Our Prize,
Tragedy, No Laws But God’s

Chapter 9: Silence

Quiet, Peaceful Centre,
Dedicated Quiet Time,
Commonality of Thought,
Spiritual Withdrawal, Rite of Passage,
Nonpersonal, Intelligent Love, Solitary Confinement, In the Midst of Humanity,
The Mystic, Favours From God, Living in Two Realms, End of Thinking, Past and Future,
Pursuit of Enlightenment, Renunciation of Mental Positions,
Being Loving,
Seeking the Sacred, Devotion,
Surrender, Grace, Greatest Gift,
Surrender Prayer