Nanima: The Dreaming

Here is the next part of Nanima.

For those who have been following along, I have changed the name of one of the Namima rivers to its real name of Bell River (rather than the fictional name I gave it of Biladurang). The other Nanima river, Wambul (Aboriginal name) / Macquarie River (English name) remains the same.

Gadi and Wambad

The Bell and Wambul were running high and fast. They weren’t flooding, but it was close. Luna and Maliyan stood in the middle of the bridge crossing Wambul immediately before the Bell joined it for a dance. It would have to be a quickstep—the fastest and jumpiest of the ballroom dances. They leaned over the railing and peered at the loud, brown water. It was somewhat hypnotic.

“A long time ago, in the Dreaming,” said Maliyan, “Gadi, the Rainbow Serpent, made the waterways. Water is life. She gave life but could get angry and destroy life.”

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Nanima: Alter of Sacrifice

Here is the next part of Nanima.

Part 2: Spirits Without Bodies

Alter of Sacrifice

Chapter 23: Dibbil-Dibbil

“This is scary,” whispered Luna.

Maliyan laughed but had to agree.

“What if dibbil-dibbil comes out of the cave?” said Luna.

Dibbil-dibbil was an Aboriginal word for evil spirit. The indigenous people were never cave dwellers (probably because of dibbil-dibbil) but they did use them for male initiation ceremonies (also probably because of dibbil-dibbil).

“We’ll run,” said Maliyan.

Luna rolled his eyes. At least, Maliyan assumed that’s what he was doing, but it was too dark to tell. 

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