Riverland: Colliope and the Scammers

Here is the next part of Riverland (Book 1 of Riverland Series)—children’s fiction (7-12 years). We already heard all about Uncle Tim’s first visit to Riverland in Part 1: Uncle Tim Discovers Riverland. Now, we are up to Part 2: Rose of Riverland.

That was all great for Uncle Tim, but what about me? When did I get to go to Riverland? I was five, the same age as when Uncle Tim first went. And a dog was also involved. You guessed it—a Cavalier. Nannie says all the Cavaliers roll into one jolly, round, fluff-ball of smilingness for her. She told Mummy that we should continue the Cavalier tradition. Mummy said the tradition was too expensive, but Nannie started searching the internet for my puppy. 

We were in lockdown, at the time, because of the Covid pandemic. Many families must have decided that a wagging tail would cheer things up, and all the puppies were taken. Neither money nor pity seemed to be able to change that. However, much to Nannie’s delight, not only did she find an interstate puppy, but it could be air freighted immediately (no long processing of our family’s credentials to see if we were suitable). To add to the bargain, it was half-price! We were thrilled.

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