Surrender and Wholeness in the Bedroom / Sex and Healing

Surrender and Wholeness in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the place of surrender. It is where we surrender to sleep, each night. As Dr Hora would say, Sleep is practising to die. We release from the day: from our troubles and worries and from our excitements and projects. We surrender to unconsciousness; never knowing, for sure, if we will wake up again. And, of course, the bedroom is the place where we make love.

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Transforming Sexual Energy

At various times in our life, we may wish to transform sexual energy into higher energy which is useful for spiritual development. This can happen spontaneously and unconsciously such as when it is not possible to discharge sexual energy in a normal, healthy sexual relationship. It can, sometimes, happen that those in the process of intensive, creative work will temporarily cease sexual activity in order to channel all of their energy into their work. Top level athletes will often refrain from sexual activity before an important event in order to save their life-force for the task at hand. The lack of a suitable mate can trigger the automatic transfer of frustrated sexual energy into the higher energy centres where it will be used for the mental, creative, and spiritual progress of that individual. Continue reading “Transforming Sexual Energy”