The Creative Spirit Series – quotes



Dancing is an innately spiritual affair. It reaches beyond words to the essence of beauty. Its height is Divinity and its depth is humanity. It is the ever-moving balance between independence and intimacy. All the while, it reaches into the great Beyond.

The Flame Ignites

We are no one else. We are ourselves. We must be that, with no regrets, if we wish to be happy. If we keep going forward, following our own natural, intuitive, and sincere path then all things will have a tendency to align with what is a good intention.

Neither Beginning nor End

We are neither young nor old. The Infinite can neither begin nor can it end. This is the inherent nature of our life force. To free ourselves from the limitations of both youth and age is to encompass a journey full of adventure, growth, success, fulfilment, and surprising achievements. If we do not limit ourselves with notions of age then we will find that life will oblige by also disregarding the normal limitations of certain age groups. We will be attractive to others because, far from being a burden, we will have something worthwhile and valuable to offer others all through the blossoming years.

Being in Our Body

Our body is important. It’s the first gift God gives us. We are meant to take care of it for the entire time we have it. We are meant to be grateful for it, use it, enjoy it, and learn from it. At the same time, we are not meant to obsess over it, be vain, be a hypochondriac, or be a pleasure seeker at other people’s expense.


Young dancers have a beautiful, strong, flexible, and resilient body. And they have the fire of hope in their heart. However, the fire can be a bit feral like a young alley cat. It can go everywhere, in all directions, willy-nilly. It can turn all claws and spitting or it can get nervous and run away. It pretends things that aren’t true and is afraid of showing what is true. The older cat bides his time. He has patience. He pulls the fire inside and lets it smoulder. He doesn’t waste his energy on fights not worth the battle or where the casualties would be greater than the goal. He owns his failures like scars that say it would be wise to take him seriously. He is not ashamed of his loves. He values his spirit and lets it grow. It’s in the eyes. The body may move less but it has presence and a power of a different sort. It is authentic.


Dancing, at its best, is independence and intimacy in balance.

When Men Rule

Whatever genuinely brings people together in a positive and heartfelt way is a powerful force for good. Nothing of real worth is ever gained by force, and nothing of substance is ever lost by listening to our higher self.

Still Point

The movement is part of the still. The still is part of the movement. The dancer can be still and still dance. He or she can move and still be still.

Eventually, the master of dance arrives at the still point. Movement and thought, body and mind, are so refined and intentioned that everything moves from the calm still point. It is not to say that the movement is calm. It may be explosive, violent, and dramatic. However, the intention is calmly, deliberately focused. It is not altered by the ups and downs, the fluctuations, of the internal or external environment. The still point is thus never lost. The movement is part of the still. The still is part of the movement. The dancer can be still and still dance. He or she can move and still be still.

Ceaselessly praying does not mean to endlessly recite prayers to oneself. It means that the consciousness of the spiritual student is moulded in such a way that the context of the Divine is never lost from awareness. Everything that is said or thought comes from that basis, even in sleep. It is living the still point as a constant, ongoing reality.

Some people find that the easiest and quickest way to reach the still point is in nature. There is a tremendous amount of stillness in the busyness of nature. If we can find the still point in nature, we can find it in our own body. Our body is nature. The still point in nature is also the still point in us.


It is for the very reason that people are different that something alive and interesting can possibly happen in dance and in life. It is fragile, definitely. In dancing, not only is there the technique and dancing capabilities of each person to consider, there is the even greater, more impactful field of the nature of each – the depth or lack of it, the amount of fire inside them, the presence or absence of calmness, the quality of mental lucidity, the willingness to navigate through emotional openness, the capacity to not indulge in neediness and self-pity while still maintaining an emotional transparency, and the willingness or otherwise of bringing one’s soul to the table and seeing what the other will do with it. All high risk.


We bring all that we are to any partnership and certainly to dancing. Even without touching, the energy field around each person touches the other’s auric field. And, of course, the eyes are the transparent waterway to the soul. Do not the eyes tell a million stories? Whether conscious of it or not, we want to extend ourselves through this contact with another soul or souls.

Believing in Ourselves

We don’t have desires by accident. Good desires are planted in us because we are meant to follow them, explore them, wrestle with them, and have them form us. If we do this and do it in the right way, the result is happiness. If we do anything in the right way, the result is happiness.

Fulfilling Our Potential

To be happy, we must fulfil our individual innate potential. Otherwise, we will feel frustrated at some level. In fulfilling ourselves, we will naturally contribute something of worth to the world. Selfish ambition, whether blatant or secret, destroys many a friendship and many a career. Selfish ambition cannot help but see others as competition. If someone else is succeeding, we think that means that we are not or perhaps not as well as them. Dedication to the good of all, including ourselves, takes the ill-will out of competitive thinking and makes the way to success smoother than we could otherwise orchestrate. We will have God/good on our team.

We Are Here for God

Creative pursuits are most rewarding when seen as an ongoing way of being in the world. Creativity is an avenue for fulfilling one’s individual potential and a way of being of service to the world by sharing that which we love and feel drawn to. This removes the fuel from self-driven ambition and takes the steam out of competitive thinking. We lose our fear that we will not have a place and we lose the egotistical pride that, frequently, accompanies achievement. We do not cling tightly to that which is good. Nor do we overly grieve that which passes. We do not resent others’ successes. Nor are we afraid to pursue our own.

We all have our individual destinies to fulfil. Each one must play their part. We will then be happy and that is all we need. We can turn everything we do into a prayer. Instead of feeling inadequate or unlucky, we can feel a part of the grand energetic flow of the Creation which encompasses everyone. We belong to it and benefit richly from that belonging. The flowering of our own potential will be greatly enhanced. All life forms value their own existence and the reaching of their own potential. Being aware of this helps us to move from the natural egocentricity that accompanies being human. Instead of constantly seeing our own life and needs as being of primary importance, we soften that view with an appreciation of the life-value and needs of everyone and everything. Respect and goodwill replace comparison and ill-will.

All life forms value their own existence and the reaching of their potential. Instead of constantly seeing our own life and needs as being of primary importance, we can soften that view with an appreciation for the value and needs of everyone and everything.

We Are One

We are all One. The beauty in one person is shared by all. The life path of one individual blesses everyone. The expression of Life neither originates within a single human, belongs to that person, nor remains within the personal boundary. Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all.

Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all.

The expression of Life neither originates within a single human nor belongs to that person exclusively. Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all.



Writing is a long-term career. It takes a lot of time, money, perseverance, learning, and soul. Making a mark as a writer and having an influence in the world is a process which generally accelerates slowly.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Keep giving.
  3. Remain true.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Go with the flow.
  6. Do your best.
  7. Enjoy it. 

Content Creators

There is no reason why we cannot keep up with an evolving world. Learning is not the prerogative of the young. If you would like to keep an active and young mind, then it is best to exercise it. We mustn’t denigrate the advances in technology because many people use them badly. We can use them well. There has never been a time in history when we can reach so many, so easily. We need to make technology work for us.

Gaining Trust

We are unequivocally valued in the sight of God as men, women, and children – every culture, every skin colour, every demographic, rich and poor, every individual preference. That is the starting point. Not the endpoint. The beginning of creating a harmonious and flourishing world is to start from the basis of equal value. One world. One people. Different expressions. All loved. All valued.


Healthy competition is not detrimental to our well-being and progress. It is advantageous. It highlights the skills that others have. It’s a teaching and motivating device. It helps us to see the weaker areas within ourselves that need improvement. Other people’s strengths are not disadvantageous to us. They can inspire and push us to develop those same elements within our own being. Turn the flame of jealousy into the fire of self-improvement.

Expression of Life

Trust the creative process. Trust the process of your life. Remember, you are the greatest work of art yourself. Don’t hold back from life’s challenges for fear of failure or you will miss out on life, itself. You are a walking, breathing mass of possibilities and potential.

Nonnegotiable – Real

The path to healing looks a particular way for different kinds of folk. Angry people don’t suddenly become calm. They have to learn how to acknowledge and process their rage. Fearful people don’t magically become brave. They have to have an experience of being put in a situation that is so unacceptable (usually because they, or someone they love, is hurt in an unacceptable way) that they make the giant leap to courage. Sad people don’t miraculously become happy. They must understand the unconscious ways that they continuously choose unhappiness as a state of consciousness. By understanding this, they can slowly learn to rechannel their thoughts into more life-enhancing and healthy mindsets. 

Essence of the Lesson

One of the main points of writing fiction, for me, has been to reach those who don’t read nonfiction and so aren’t availing themselves of the opportunity to learn the concepts of spiritual development. I sometimes think, with a little amusement, that writing fiction is a long, drawn-out, convoluted way of writing nonfiction. It takes much longer, more scene setting and conversations, and more jollying along to get to the same point, but the point is the point.

Good fiction is not only based on believable and interesting characters but, at its centre, is the quote. Quotes are the essence of the lesson.

Friend with Different Names

I do not think writing is a rational or deliberate process. I never decide who is in my stories. That would be like deciding who we are going to have a relationship with. With seven billion people in the world, would it not be wise to let Life decide who of those people belong with us? With an infinite number of ideas swirling around, would it not be wise to let Life decide which of those ideas belong with us? Stories write themselves, if we let them.

Writing fiction is a joint venture. The people we, directly or vaguely, base our characters on help us to write by adding their unique energy to the creation of a story. It is not just the energy that subtlely comes from recalling someone. Rather, it is the actual life-force that radiates from that person. It is a powerful use of an individual’s life energy. It is co-creation.