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As students of life, we seek both relief from suffering and growth of happiness. Deeply considering uplifting ideas raises our consciousness from the realm of the material problem into the powerful and harmonious realm of the spiritual. It is what a dedicated spiritual practice is all about. We give up our own ideas, hurts, fears, and grudges and concede to the Greater. We expand and we heal.

The Love of Devotion (click links below)

Preface (Dec, 2017)

PART 1 The Love of Being Loving
Chapter 1: Solutions are Spiritual
Chapter 2: Beneficial Presence in the World
Chapter 3: Metaphysics
Chapter 4: The Human Experience

PART 2 Devotion and Transformation
Chapter 5: Teachers
Chapter 6: The Sweetness of Love
Chapter 7: Grist for the Mill
Chapter 8: Healing
Chapter 9: Silence

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