Waldmeer – 2nd Generation (Books 1 to 2)

The Waldmeer Series is much more than an engaging story. It is a doorway to personal and spiritual advancement. Waldmeer is an idyllic coastal village with stunning natural beauty. It is a place of healing with its quiet, repetitive rhythm and has remained relatively undamaged by the outside world. The simple events of Waldmeer belie the far more complex events of the interdimensional worlds. These worlds meet and merge.

Following on from Waldmeer (Books 1 to 4) is Waldmeer – 2nd Generation. Each book is complete in itself. Written with many subheadings, each section has a specific, succinct focus.

PITTOWN (Book 1)
In amongst the momentary glory and inevitable change is the unrelenting, ferocious desire to express the soul through a limited body in the hope that it can bring some peace to a painful inner and outer world. Along with all the dirty work, there is also love. Along with all the dirty dancing, there is also purity. Along with all the hatred, hurt, and anger, there is also healing.

Part 1: Pittown

Remarkably Ordinary
The Sleeping Prophet
The Moving Buddha
Firsts and Seconds
Moving On
Love of Life
Dirty Dancing
Repeat or Delete

Part 2: Silent Order

oe-Joe’s Apartments
Store Creek
Lovers, Fairies, and Fools
Elements of Life
Return of the Warriors

Part 3: Back to the Border

Back to the Border
Crossing Lines and Drawing Circles
Out of the Pit

ESTHER  (Book 2)
The world is changed by change in individuals. It’s not the world that needs changing. It’s us.

Part 1: For Better or Worse

E. G. Psychology
Yin and Yang
Prana Community

Part 2: Enter the Guru

Ajna and Manipura
The Right House