Donna Goddard on Audible (Amazon)

Fiction Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is:

  1. A very easy way of reading
  2. An energetically powerful way of connecting with an author and their work.
  3. Time efficient (you can multi-task—listen and drive, walk, run, or go to sleep).

Nonfiction Audiobooks

Although we can read broadly for education and entertainment purposes, when it comes to effective spiritual work, the best approach is to focus intently on the work of a teacher we are drawn to. It is easy to read endless words about spiritual matters which have no substantial impact on our progress. Everyone makes progress when they intensely dedicate their time, at least for certain periods, to the teachers they are drawn to. In this vein, the audiobooks of the Love and Devotion Series are offered. They are not long but have the foundational elements of truth for serious students of life. They are designed for repeat listening. I’m confident if listeners listen enough, it will have a healing and uplifting impact. 

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