Short and Sweet Spiritual Series

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The books in the Short and Sweet Spiritual Series consist of short, simple, and sweet spiritual messages. They are short because it only takes a moment to connect with our higher being when we have the right sort of message and receive it with the right sort of mind. They are simple because truth is not complicated. The intellect is complicated, but we will never gain our freedom through the intellect. They are sweet because even when the corrections of spirit are confronting, they do not lose their pure and liberating essence. We must each walk our own way to the divine, but if we want a direct, relatively painless, and trustworthy path, we must follow our sweet heart. Not the heart that is driven by erratic self-centred emotion, but the heart that sits at the centre of creation and wishes nothing less than our complete happiness and expansion.

  1. The first book of the series, Touched by Love, is about our body, relationships, and the spiritual path. It is vital to maintain, understand, and balance each of them. We must strengthen, expand, and extend all the energetic systems of our being. It takes work and commitment, but that is the purpose of life.
  2. The second book, Sweet Spirit (not yet published), is a compilation of quotes and verses from Donna Goddard’s books, organised into comprehensive sections so that your need can easily be met.
  3. The third book, Mystic Matters (not yet published), is divided into Physical Matters (the body and its environment), People Matters (relationships), and Spirit Matters (healing and happiness). In the broadest sense, what isn’t spiritual? Everything in life is spiritual because everything impacts our state of being and the effect we have on other people. The health of our body, emotions, mind, and spirit depends on understanding life as it was energetically designed to be. If we fight life’s essential nature, we are fighting ourselves. We will lose. Life is something we want to win.


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