Waldmeer Series (fiction)

More than an engaging story, the 7-book Waldmeer Series is a doorway to personal and spiritual growth. Waldmeer is an idyllic coastal village with stunning natural beauty. It is a place of healing with its quiet, repetitive rhythm and has remained relatively undamaged by the outside world. The simple events of Waldmeer belie the far more complex events of the interdimensional worlds. These worlds meet and merge.

Waldmeer (Book 1) There is a great deal of fantasy in real life and real in fantasy. Waldmeer starts with the ending of one relationship and the beginning of another. It takes courage to tread one’s own course, but only at the beginning of each new stage. We hope that we are safe, but we are not yet sure.

Together (Book 2) The spiritual path is very practical and relevant. This is particularly so in our personal relationships which have more power to change us than anything else. Every relationship is a love lesson. Relationships are complex and multifaceted. They form, disintegrate, and reform based on problems, growth, destiny, and Divine assistance. 

Circles of Separation (Book 3) Amira and some of her friends from Waldmeer continue their search for healing and happiness in Circles of Separation. Existence is much more than we can physically see. Our potential, in every way, is far greater than we understand. Spiritual reality is always pushing us towards evolution, healing, love, and freedom. 

Faith (Book 4) What does the spiritual journey matter other than it transforms our lives? Nowhere is this more obvious than in our personal relationships. Love can never be lost. It is not exclusive. Life is precious and should be lived with purpose and courage. It is not only possible but essential that we learn how to turn our human experience into a happy and harmonious one.

Pittown (Book 5) In amongst the momentary glory and inevitable change is the unrelenting, ferocious desire to express the soul through a limited body in the hope that it can bring some peace to a painful inner and outer world. Along with all the dirty work, there is also love. Along with all the dirty dancing, there is also purity. Along with all the hatred, hurt, and anger, there is also healing.

Prana (Book 6) Spine up. Step up. Close up. Burn up.

Purnima (Book 7) When are things perfectly balanced on the outside? Rarely. And in those glorious moments that they are, it doesn’t last long. The only viable option is to try and balance ourselves on the inside so that we are not pushed around by what happens outside us.


Part 1: Waldmeer – a human and spiritual story of love
The Garden
Maria of Waldmeer
The Leleks
The Call to Love
Retrieving Amira
Being Saved
New Beginning

Part 2: Eraldus – the dividing line
Mir Street
Happy Moments


Bungalow Buddies
Reach For It
The Convent and the Clinkers
Unforeseen Circumstances
Beginnings and Endings
Unfinished Business
Petals and Sweet Peas
One Year On


Part 1: Dream On (the outer circle)
Fork in the Road
Long Hill
Someone Loves You
Play Nice
Outer Circle
Brick Wall
Choose Again
Fellow Travellers

Part 2: Darnall (the middle circle)
Curiosity Shop
Make-Overs and Move-Ons
Magic Men and Women
Winter Lights
Personal Barometer
Narrow Lane
In the Air

Part 3: Borderfirma Mountains (the inner circle)
Odin of the Great Valley
Naming Rights
Snakes and Bitches
Doing Our Best

FAITH (Book 4)

Part 1: Summer
Look After my Boy
A Different Approach
Witches of Wurt Wurt Koort
Wurt Wurt Koort Tearooms
Mirror of Life
Two Hundred Laughs

Part 2: Marry At Once
Keep Going
Tears and Sunshine
Way Out

Part 3: The Last Useless Battle
Floating Cave
Gathering the Forces
Game of Life
Not on My Watch
For Nothing, For All

PITTOWN (Book 5)

Part 1: Pittown
Remarkably Ordinary
The Sleeping Prophet
The Moving Buddha
Firsts and Seconds
Moving On
Love of Life
Dirty Dancing
Repeat or Delete

Part 2: Silent Order
Joe-Joe’s Apartments
Store Creek
Lovers, Fairies, and Fools
Elements of Life
Return of the Warriors

Part 3: Back to the Border
Back to the Border
Crossing Lines and Drawing Circles
Out of the Pit

PRANA (Book 6)

Part 1: For Better or Worse
Yin and Yang

Part 2: Prana Community
Ajna and Manipura
The Right House

Part 3: Borderfirma
No Going Back
Going Back

Part 4: Mandala
In the Lap of Devotion
Infinitely Inclusive
Mandala’s End

PURNIMA (Book 7)

Part 1: The First Passage
Purnima Passage
Tom & Hardy

Part 2: Purnima and Poetry
Gum Flat
Still Point
Puddle Muddle

Part 3: Stalkers, Snakes, and Stones of Spring
August Ashes
Stone Ground
Ring of Silver

Part 4: