Nanima Series (fiction)

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The Nanima Series is a unique story journaling the inner evolution of a spiritual seeker within the context of her relationships and life. It is set in the equally unique environment of rural Australia and has many important messages about the value of the Earth around us and the earth within us. Both ensure our health and happiness.

  1. Nanima (Book 1 of Nanima Series) Nanima lay in a pretty-as-a-picture valley at the joining point of two living, breathing rivers. The small country town had an English name, but Nanima was its ancient-as-the-rivers Aboriginal one. Book 1 of the series is based on the Australian town of Wellington, where the author’s family comes from. Her grandfather was a pioneer sheep farmer and made his home from the stones of the local river. Anyone who knows “From soil you come, and to soil you will return” (Genesis) remains deeply connected to their roots. Not knowing the DNA we carry in our bodies, hearts, and minds does not negate it. We are an accumulation of many people, even more so when unaware of it. Once aware, we can choose what to carry and what to relegate to history. 
  2. Geboor (Book 2 of Nanima Series) Geboor is the Aboriginal name for Mount Macedon. It stands at the southern end of its parent range, the Great Dividing Range.

Nanima (Book 1 of Nanima Series)


Geboor (Book 2 of Nanima Series)

Shophouse (from Part 1)
Going to Geboor (from Part 2)

Part 3: Winter
Weaving Dreams

Background to Nanima Series

Nanima (Book 1)

Here are some real-life places on which the fictional places of Nanima are based.

Geboor (Book 2)

Walk with me to the top of Hanging Rock, which is a spectacular sacred place. Hanging Rock is vibrant, intense, otherworldly, mysterious, changeable, and predominantly masculine. At the top, you can see Mount Macedon in the distance. The Aboriginal name for Mount Macedon is Geboor. Geboor is Book 2 of Nanima Series.
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