Nanima: Breath-Based

Here is the next part of Nanima. After I wrote this part, which has a section on a special yogic breathing practice called Shambhavi Mahamudra, I realised that it was exactly two years since I first learned the practice. It started with an Inner Engineering online course during lockdown and finished five months later with the first-ever online learning of Shambhavi Mahamudra. As it has turned out, that was the only one of its kind to have Sadhguru live. Glad I was in it. He’s a busy man. I later found out that they were very strict with monitoring the Shambhavi Mahamudra initiation with Sadhguru. We had to have our cameras on for the whole long process, and everyone was observed (not to be criticised but to be helped and protected). If you went away from the screen for more than a few minutes, you were cut off. Initiations with gurus are no trifling matter!

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Nanima: The Dreaming

Here is the next part of Nanima.

For those who have been following along, I have changed the name of one of the Namima rivers to its real name of Bell River (rather than the fictional name I gave it of Biladurang). The other Nanima river, Wambul (Aboriginal name) / Macquarie River (English name) remains the same.

Gadi and Wambad

The Bell and Wambul were running high and fast. They weren’t flooding, but it was close. Luna and Maliyan stood in the middle of the bridge crossing Wambul immediately before the Bell joined it for a dance. It would have to be a quickstep—the fastest and jumpiest of the ballroom dances. They leaned over the railing and peered at the loud, brown water. It was somewhat hypnotic.

“A long time ago, in the Dreaming,” said Maliyan, “Gadi, the Rainbow Serpent, made the waterways. Water is life. She gave life but could get angry and destroy life.”

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Nanima: Existential Sticking Point

Here is the next part of Nanima.

Poisonous Path

The winter solstice was turning into a relatively cheery, bright day. Cold? Yes. Miserable? Not at all. Maliyan was enjoying the passing paddocks, stock, sky, and clouds as she drove to the nearest large country town, Thubbo. After doing her jobs, she decided to make use of the Chinese Massage Centre because Nanima didn’t have one. Of all the wonderful things the Chinese bring to Australia, their massage centres were top of Maliyan’s list—cheap, quick, and effective.

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Waldmeer Audiobook

I am halfway through recording Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer Series) as an audiobook. Here is the first chapter. More than an engaging story, the 7-book Waldmeer Series is a doorway to personal and spiritual growth. It takes courage to tread one’s course, but only at the beginning of each new stage. We hope that we are safe, but we are not yet sure.

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Nanima: Alter of Sacrifice

Here is the next part of Nanima.

Part 2: Spirits Without Bodies

Alter of Sacrifice

Chapter 23: Dibbil-Dibbil

“This is scary,” whispered Luna.

Maliyan laughed but had to agree.

“What if dibbil-dibbil comes out of the cave?” said Luna.

Dibbil-dibbil was an Aboriginal word for evil spirit. The indigenous people were never cave dwellers (probably because of dibbil-dibbil) but they did use them for male initiation ceremonies (also probably because of dibbil-dibbil).

“We’ll run,” said Maliyan.

Luna rolled his eyes. At least, Maliyan assumed that’s what he was doing, but it was too dark to tell. 

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Waldmeer Series—balancing ourselves inside

When are things perfectly balanced on the outside? Rarely. And in those glorious moments when they are, it doesn’t last long. The only viable option is to try and balance ourselves on the inside so that we are not pushed around by what happens outside. Purnima (Book 7 of Waldmeer)

I have been updating the 7-book Waldmeer Series with new covers and other editing. I would so love to share the series with you. It was the love of my creative life for the 5 years it took to write! The cheapest and easiest way to read the whole series (if you are an ebook reader) is Waldmeer Collection (7-books-in-1). Available on AMAZON.

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Meditation for Helping to Heal Injury and Pain

Obviously, when it comes to injuries, people need to do whatever is physically appropriate for them. However, what we’re doing in this meditation is looking at the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains as they are extremely powerful. Further, more often than not, the physical is simply living out and demonstrating what is in those other domains.


The first thing we must do in a meditation is to help our body to relax and our mind to settle. In order to do this, it’s very important to put aside some time and to make sure that you will be alone and not disturbed. Healing meditations bring up a lot of mental refuse within our system. If you are worried about people coming into the room or other people’s needs which you need to attend to, then you won’t allow things to come up as you will not have the space to deal with them. If they don’t come up, they can’t heal.

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The Dividing Line: Nannie’s Nest (children’s fiction)

Here is the beginning of my children’s book, The Dividing Line, for the young and their young-at-heart old folk.


I have not written for young people before and so we begin two journeys. One is a journey into The Dividing Line and the other is a journey into writing children’s fiction. I hope we all survive both ventures. The Dividing Line is an imaginary tale. I say it is imaginary but, perhaps, other-worldly is more accurate. People call other-worldly places “imaginary” because they think the place is only in someone’s mind. So is life. In our mind. However, so as to not blur the line of sanity and different ways of seeing, I will concede to imaginary—for the time being, that is.

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