What Does It Mean To Believe In Yourself?

Many people chastise themselves for not believing in themselves. Such belief is crucial to our development and happiness. However, the common approach to getting it is flawed and won’t help us. Mostly, what people really mean is to believe that they are better than other people, often, particular people known to them.  Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Believe In Yourself?”

Spiritual Love – Video

Love and support are everywhere and always present. They are the natural outflow of the spiritual dimension. The greater our sense of spiritual connection, the more easily they will be attracted into our existence. How could it be otherwise since we become part of a thriving, positive, and powerful life-force? Continue reading “Spiritual Love – Video”

The Loss and Gain of Friendships – Video

The loss and gain of friendships – video.

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This Will Be My Last One

Things were going quite well. He was calmer, more manageable, even polite. It was all moving in the right direction until yesterday. We were walking along, side by side, silently enjoying the beautiful, blue Spring morning and, out of nowhere, Continue reading “This Will Be My Last One”

Facebook – Future Direction

In the light of seeing our own interests as not apart from our fellow human beings, I thought you may interested in knowing a little about the demographics of my 182,000 Facebook following and some thoughts about its future direction.

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The Loss and Gain of Friendships

We all experience the loss of friends and changes in our relationships. It may be our decision, the other person’s, jointly decided or something thrust upon us by life. The loss may have come from something negative like jealousy, ill-will, anger or fear. It may have come from a decision based on what seemed best for all concerned. It may have been the natural outcome of something that life brought into the arena. Regardless, we can practise these principles of healing and growth: Continue reading “The Loss and Gain of Friendships”

How Did He Ever Find You?

This is a short story about marriage, money, and the spiritual path.

The Manhattan hairdresser asked with genuine intrigue, “But, darling, how did your husband ever find you in Australia?” Amy could see that he was envisaging Arthur setting off from the United States on a quest to find his wife-to-be and, against all odds, finding her amongst the wild kangaroos of outback Australia. There was more than a little truth in it. Amy laughed. Continue reading “How Did He Ever Find You?”