Writing: A Spiritual Voice (audio)

Here is audio from my 2021 book, Writing: A Spiritual Voice (Book 2 of The Creative Spirit Series). There are 3 videos covering the following chapters:
1. Out of the Drawer / Needles and Haystacks
2. Author Platform / Content Creators
3. Things I Don’t Do / Gardening Gods / Things I Do

Out of the Drawer / Needles and Haystacks

The world is changing. We can too. With today’s technology, the world is accessible as never before, and it will only become more so at a rapid rate. Instead of begrudging that someone else doesn’t consider us to be a needle worth searching for, we can build our own haystack and sit right at the top!

Author Platform / Content Creators

To keep it all in perspective, it helps to remember that for all our content creating, there is one who is the master of content creation. The Divine is the true Creator and can inspire us with endless ideas for content and all other manner of creation.

Things I Don’t Do, Gardening Gods, Things I Do

Writing is a long-term career. It takes a lot of time, money, perseverance, learning, and soul. Making a mark as a writer and having an influence in the world is a process which generally accelerates slowly.
1. Keep going.
2. Remain true.
3. Trust your instincts.
4. Go with the flow.
5. Do your best.
6. Enjoy it.

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Purnima: Perfect Purnima

Here is the next (and final) part of Purnima (Book 7 of Waldmeer). It is also the last part of the 7-book Waldmeer Series.

Best Interest

December Purnima, in Waldmeer:

Merlyn could see the Christmas lights on the shops swaying in the summer evening breeze. The branches, in Cypress Lane, moved in sync with the lights. The grand old trees oscillated their reach between the lit-up shops and the unlit beach. If you sat on the beach long enough, your eyes adjusted to the moonlight and then it seemed as lit as the street. 

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Purnima: What We Must Keep

Here is the next (and second last) part of Purnima (Book 7 of Waldmeer).

Dark and Deep

In Waldmeer:

On the way home from Ajna Temple, on November Purnima, Merlyn suddenly knew what to do about Stone Ground. Since her return from Borderfirma, she had been staying at Malik’s house because, due to her long absence, the owners of her flat had given it to seasonal renters who were in abundance now that the weather was warmer. Instead of driving back to Malik’s cottage and falling into bed, she parked at the entrance of Twenty Mile Track. 

The full moon didn’t have a chance with thick cloud cover and the tree canopy acting as a second light blocker. It was dark. In the country, it can be so dark that you can’t even see your hand. Merlyn slowly picked her way along the rocky track. She was careful to avoid the mossy rocks next to the riverbank. Eventually, she spotted the glow of Purnima Passage.

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Light Bearers

I first learned hands-on-healing when I was twenty and belonged to a Catholic Charismatic Community. It was one of my favourite things to do. I never doubted its authenticity because, to me, it seemed obviously real and beneficial. 

I remember attending a community conference in a different state. At that stage, I didn’t have any money and was gifted the conference and flight tickets which I was thrilled about. The conference was a large, enthusiastic gathering with many hundreds of young adults fired up with spiritual energy. 

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Gaining Trust

Here is one of the chapters from my newly published book, Writing: A Spiritual Voice. The image is the original cover of The Love of Devotion which this article refers to.

A few days before the photo shoot for the book cover of The Love of Devotion (2014), I suddenly had the idea to wear a large, white, silk veil over my body and head. The veil is a universal representation of feminine spiritual devotion. It is ancient and transcultural. It represents the core qualities of spiritual love and inner beauty. It has its own particular manifestations in each religion, but is always equated with humility before God, devotion to goodness, and commitment to the spiritual path. My natural self is highly devotional. As a Westerner, and a raised Catholic, the archetypal symbol was probably arising from the stereotypic Catholic nun. 

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Out of the Drawer

This is the first chapter from my newly published book, Writing: A Spiritual Voice.

Like many people, I have always written. Like most people who write, I had no intention of being an author. I remember, as a young adult, a university friend telling me that my birthday and Christmas cards were so long that they were like a book. Later, in my mid-thirties, another friend told me, several times, that I could write a book about my life. I didn’t think anything of that because everyone’s life is interesting to themselves because they are the star. 

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Writing: A Spiritual Voice

Writing is a long-term career. It takes a lot of time, money, perseverance, learning, and soul. Making a mark as a writer and having an influence in the world is a process which generally accelerates slowly.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Keep giving.
  3. Remain true.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Go with the flow.
  6. Do your best.
  7. Enjoy it. 

If you know that the spiritual voice is in you, and you would like greater access to it as a writer, then Writing: A Spiritual Voice can help you to develop your capacity to hear and heed that voice.

Gratitude Prayer

May we be grateful for everything good.
Good IS everything.
May we remember that God is the only Love.
May our eyes radiate nonconditional benevolence.
May our awareness be of spiritual perfection.
May our freedom be boundless.
May we know the loveliness of love.
May the Divine presence fill our consciousness.
May we feel the magnificent capacity of Life.
May our touch be uplifting.
May our influence be a blessing.
May we feel the immensity of Divinity.
May we know the sublime Love that we are part of.
May it sustain us.
It IS us.

Donna Goddard
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The Sly Deceiver

This short story (written in 2016) is in my newly published book, Touched by Love.

Man cannot really live without attachments, but mostly we are reaching for the wrong attachment. (Thomas Hora)

Isobel watched Benedict walk unsteadily down his driveway towards the builders in the backyard. He hadn’t dressed properly. He had no underwear on and his track pants were ripped so that anyone who looked (perhaps, it was impossible not to look) could see his backside. Somehow, it was still a great looking backside for all that he had put his body through in recent years. There was no point telling him that he hadn’t dressed properly. He was too sick. Along the way, things like dignity get lost.

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