Soul’s Purpose – Destiny Interview Series

This is a 30-minute interview with Donna on the soul’s purpose from the Destiny Interview Series by Liliane Grace.

Waldmeer – Part 2: Maria of Waldmeer


Lenny was a fisherman from Waldmeer. Several generations of his family had lived in the little coastal village. One of his past relatives was a logger in the forest like many men at that time. He had emigrated from Germany. The logging settlement was the spectacular meeting point of forest and stunning coastline. It was he who first referred to the early town as Waldmeer. It means forest-sea in German. The name stuck and the locals called it that ever since. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Part 2: Maria of Waldmeer”

Do Not Find Love

The search for love is a universal one. Yet, when it is found, it is soon replaced with problems, such as the reality of the other person, our own issues which tend to make relationships unsustainable, or the interference of other people and life. There is much conflict in our relationships. If there is not outward conflict then there is usually conflict within ourselves. We are conflicted in our relationships because we are conflicted in ourselves.  Continue reading “Do Not Find Love”

YouTube Channel – 29th In World

I am happy to share with you that my YouTube channel which I started working on a year and a half ago is now ranked:
29th of all writers worldwide
1st of all Australian writers
181st of all Australian celebrities

Because of You

The Rumba is a story-dance. It is usually a love story but it can also be an unlove story. It doesn’t matter, so long as it is emotional. It can be emotional connection or emotional disconnection. Continue reading “Because of You”

Gentle Teacher

People are, often, surprised that the gentle teachers of God, frequently, meet with fierce antagonism and opposition. It may seem incomprehensible especially as such people never seek to harm and have the intention to help others find the same love that they have been given. Their motive in doing so is that such love must be shared. It goes with the territory of finding it. Continue reading “Gentle Teacher”

Believing In Yourself

Many people chastise themselves for not believing in themselves. Such belief is crucial to our development and happiness. However, the common approach to getting it is flawed and won’t help us. Mostly, what people really mean is to believe that they are better than other people, often, particular people known to them.  Continue reading “Believing In Yourself”