Eraldus – Part 5: Men

Chapter 15: Hierarchy
Maria’s dog, Gortaithe, was coming along well. He had relaxed into his inner city, household life; as relaxed as a German shepherd like him gets. He had stopped looking aggressively at people and even let them pat him. He wasn’t overly enthusiastic about human attention, other than his own human, but he tolerated it with relatively good grace. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 5: Men”

Eraldus – Part 4: Mir Street (2)

Chapter 13: Kissing
It was several weeks later. He bent over Maria and kissed her softly on the lips. He didn’t wait long and kissed her again. It felt so nice. Warm and sharing. He wasn’t taking anything from her; sucking the life out of her. He was joining with her; whole, unburdened. She slowly opened her eyes to look at his face. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 4: Mir Street (2)”

Eraldus – Part 4: Mir Street

Chapter 10: Broken 
Gavin was one of those good people who fixes up broken highchairs, broken families, and broken dogs. Semi-retired, all round handyman, a little gruff as men that age often are but sweet inside. He was one of Maria’s Mir St. neighbours, along with his two dogs that he was tough on but adored; the perfect dog owner. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 4: Mir Street”

Eraldus – Part 3: Laneways

Chapter 7: Bloodlines
Being an older, inner city suburb, Eraldus had many laneways crisscrossing behind the houses. Maria often walked them because they were much quieter than the streets. They were paved with uneven cobblestones and marked with weeds, puddles, graffiti, and solitude. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 3: Laneways”

Eraldus – Part 2: Trust

Chapter 4: Nothing
Right from the start, Paul didn’t like Maria. She had nothing against him but we are careful with people who dislike us. Gabriel had many gay friends in the city. It was a part of his life that Maria had had no contact with until they were housemates. Now, she met some of those friends when they visited the house. One of them was Paul. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 2: Trust”

Eraldus – Part 1: Meaning

Eraldus is the sequel to Waldmeer.

Chapter 1: Money
Gabriel sat down on Maria’s bed as he had done many times in the city house they were now sharing with Charlie and Mary. Continue reading “Eraldus – Part 1: Meaning”