Waldmeer – Part 4: The Call to Love

Maria was turning twenty-one. It was more than four years since her accident. Her mother, Lucy, noticed that she seemed to have aged many years, particularly, in the last few months.

“Truth be told, at twenty-one, she knows more than you and I will ever know, Lenny,” Lucy told her husband. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Part 4: The Call to Love”

Destiny Interview Series

This is a 30-minute interview with Donna on the soul’s purpose from the Destiny Interview Series by Liliane Grace.

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Waldmeer – Part 3: The Forest

Ever since Farkas had stormed out of the cafe, not to return, Maria had felt ill. She was even finding some of the cafe customers annoying. Mrs. Reisenden was one of them. Maria’s mother liked her and enjoyed talking with her whenever she was visiting Waldmeer.

“You have returned,” said Maria’s mother with obvious delight. “Do tell me how life has been in the city since you have last been here on holidays.” Mrs. Reisenden would often bring Maria’s mother a little present from the city and she would tell her all about the cultural events she had been attending.

“Maria, dear, please bring Verloren’s coffee over,” said Maria’s mother. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Part 3: The Forest”

Waldmeer – Chapter 7: Erdo Kapus

Maria was spending a lot of time in the back hills of Waldmeer. She was visiting Charlie at her art studio and, also, Gabriel when he was there. Charlie knew a lot about life and people and was generous in sharing it.

“You are too young to know this,” Charlie said one afternoon, “but relationships are full of problems. We are drawn to them as if they are the great treasure of life, yet, once we are in them, we flounder like a fish out of water or, for some people, a bull in a china shop. Those who say otherwise are lying.” Continue reading “Waldmeer – Chapter 7: Erdo Kapus”

Waldmeer – Chapter 6: Waldmeer Corner Store and Cafe

Maria’s progress was rapid and unhampered. Everyone in Waldmeer and the surrounding towns knew of the accident and the girl’s unexpected recovery. She was soon well enough to do short shifts in the cafe her mother managed, Waldmeer Corner Store and Cafe. It was generally agreed that it would be best for her to do her remaining year of schooling from home. The town folk did not speak of the accident to Maria, herself, in case it drew attention to something which might pull her backwards. Instead, they spoke in hushed tones to Maria’s mother. They need not have worried. It was only going in one direction. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Chapter 6: Waldmeer Corner Store and Cafe”

Waldmeer – Part 2: Maria of Waldmeer

Lenny was a fisherman from Waldmeer. Several generations of his family had lived in the same little coastal village. One of his past relatives was a logger in the forest like many men in the area at that time. He had emigrated from Germany. The logging settlement was the spectacular meeting point of forest and stunning coastline. It was he who first referred to the early town as Waldmeer. It means forest-sea in German. The name stuck and the locals called it that ever since. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Part 2: Maria of Waldmeer”

Waldmeer – Chapter 4: Winter’s Over

Winter was coming to a close. Farkas was getting used to being back in a body. He had spent the last few months doing simple tasks and thinking. He was looking forward to Spring because the warmth would bring the garden back to life. That meant his little flower friend, Amira, would wake up. He had so much to tell her. Continue reading “Waldmeer – Chapter 4: Winter’s Over”