Chapter 3: Don’t Come Back

(Chapter 1: One Who SpeaksChapter 2: The Guiltless Garden)

Farkas, the garden spirit, tried to keep the little flower alive but it was not going well. He wanted to settle into life at the garden but he was restless and distracted. One evening, the little flower, Amira, spoke to him softly, “I am not feeling well.” Farkas looked worried and replied, “You are so strong.” “Make yourself well again,” he commanded as if such a thing could be commanded. Continue reading “Chapter 3: Don’t Come Back”

Chapter 2: The Guiltless Garden

(Chapter 1: One Who Speaks)

The gardener left in despair. Leaving was painful but staying would have been worse. Verloren went with nothing more than she had arrived with, except for one thing; guilt. She carried the guilt of murder and, just as heavy, the guilt of wanting to consume another being. After several weeks of travel which seemed to be getting nowhere, she remembered a bedtime story her grandfather told her as a small child. Continue reading “Chapter 2: The Guiltless Garden”

Do Not Find Love

The search for love is a universal one. Yet, when it is found, it is soon replaced with problems, such as the reality of the other person, our own issues which tend to make relationships unsustainable, or the interference of other people and life. There is much conflict in our relationships. If there is not outward conflict then there is usually conflict within ourselves. We are conflicted in our relationships because we are conflicted in ourselves.  Continue reading “Do Not Find Love”

YouTube Channel – Ranked 29th of All Writers Worldwide

I am happy to share with you that my YouTube channel which I started working on a year and a half ago is now ranked:

29th of all writers worldwide

1st of all Australian writers

181st of all Australian ‘celebrities’ (the list is mostly the music industry) Continue reading “YouTube Channel – Ranked 29th of All Writers Worldwide”

200,000 – 2017

200,000 Facebook likes. Fastest growing writer page in Australia.

Every day we must try not to be drawn into the many things that we feel hurt about in life. Otherwise, we end up feeling worthless or we fight back with anger. Neither works and both make us feel dreadful. Instead, we can remember our spiritual worth. This puts everything into perspective. It gives us a more peaceful state of mind and allows our life to move forwards in a positive, interesting, and blessed way without force or fear. Have a wonderful year. Continue reading “200,000 – 2017”

Beyond Creating the Life We Want

Question: When someone has an intention for their life and it’s not manifesting or it’s not flowing, what’s your understanding of that? To what extent is that not their right life purpose or destiny? What’s causing the blocks? Or is it that they are not persisting enough?

Answer (Donna): Sometimes, people may be working on creating the life that they want but it’s not happening for them. There is something missing from what they are trying to create and they can’t quite understand what it is. Continue reading “Beyond Creating the Life We Want”

There is a Greatness in You

This is a short story about finding our greatness.

Vincent looked at Victoria with confusion in his eyes, “I don’t understand. I know that you love me. Even if you don’t want to marry me, can’t we just stay together?” It was true that Victoria loved him and she did not doubt his love for her. Not so long ago before there was any talk of marriage, Vincent had suddenly taken her hand and said with stunning sincerity, “I can’t wait to be married to you for a decade to be able to tell you how much I still love you.” Victoria believed him. Continue reading “There is a Greatness in You”