It’s Alive!—Meditation for Healing and Creating

I made this 17-minute meditation two years ago, on a visit to the seaside, between Covid lockdowns. I posted the video on YouTube, at that time, but here are the words that go with it. It is a meditation for healing and creating.

Calm and Focused

Sit in a comfortable position on a chair, with your back straight, or on the floor, with your legs crossed. Make sure that your spine is straight, but keep your body free of tension as much as possible. Place your hands on your knees or thighs, and turn your palms upwards. If you would like to, you can touch your thumb and index finger to make a circle. Relax. Relax. Close your eyes, if they’re not already closed. Settle your whole system. Breathing in. Breathing out. Breathing in. Breathing out. Try to become conscious of your breath in a calm and focused way. Breathe at your own pace; whatever feels comfortable and natural for your body, that is perfectly fine.

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Nanima: The Dancing Hunter

Here is the next part of Nanima.

The Dancing Hunter: Mouths that Open Doors 

At one stage, Nanima had a thriving business centre. Nowadays, half the shops were empty. Broken windows and dusty, cobwebby exteriors were the unfortunate norm. The larger country towns, such as Thubbo, were expanding, and the smaller ones were declining. The bigger towns had a monopoly on the businesses, jobs, housing, and services. It was a self-perpetuating cycle. Nanima’s old dance school was one of the casualties. It’s peeling pink paint was a tell-tale sign. Katarina was able to rent it for a song or, in her case, a dance. 

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Nanima: Truth Be Told

Chapter 14: Autumnal Bite

The water in the rock pool of Biladurang was warm compared to the coolness of the running flow a few feet away. Maliyan lay back in the quiet, inviting space. She saw her dress, on the branch, moving slightly in the breeze. The sky was bright and blue. A few cloud-puffs jollied themselves by playing with the sun. Although this morning had a typical autumnal cold-bite to it, this afternoon’s sun had a typical autumnal hot-bite to it. The heat was subdued by the branches of the gum trees standing along the river. All in all, it was entirely pleasant.

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Dance: The Injured Body – The Injured Mind

Meditation for Helping to Heal Injury and Pain

This is a 22-minute meditation for helping to heal injury and pain. Both video and transcript of meditation are included.

Obviously, when it comes to injuries, people need to do whatever is physically appropriate for them. However, what we’re doing in this meditation is looking at the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains as they are extremely powerful. Further, more often than not, the physical is simply living out and demonstrating what is in those other domains.


The first thing we must do in a meditation is to help our body to relax and our mind to settle. In order to do this, it’s very important to put aside some time and to make sure that you will be alone and not disturbed. Healing meditations bring up a lot of mental refuse within our system. If you are worried about people coming into the room or other people’s needs which you need to attend to, then you won’t allow things to come up as you will not have the space to deal with them. If they don’t come up, they can’t heal.

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Nanima: Cathedral

Chapter 11: Thief or Saint

It was almost dark as Maliyan entered the large country town, at the bottom of the mountain descent, on her way back home from High. She still had three more hours’ drive but, on seeing the lights shining through the magnificent stained-glass windows of the cathedral, she decided to stop. At one stage, this town had a lot of money and the cathedral was built as a grand, rural monument. It was truly majestic, commanding its own small hill, with its face towards the mountain cliffs.

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Nanima: High

Chapter 7: Rivalry

Like Maliyan, the woman in the chiropractic waiting room travelled a long way to Gary. She came from a vibrant, alternative town, Byron Bay, on the far north coast. As she had let out a few, low, screaming-type sounds when Gary had been attending to her, on returning to the reception area, she apologised to everyone that it probably sounded like a torture chamber. She was a confident, talkative woman. Seeing that Maliyan was engaged, she continued the conversation specifically with her.

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Nanima: Euroka

Chapter 4: Biladurang

Euroka lived in a hut on the Biladurang. It was the smaller of the two rivers that joined in Nanima. Biladurang ran along the back side of the town and then into the bigger, more impressive Wambuul. The indigenous names of the rivers didn’t have River attached to them as they do in English. They were individual and complete entities in their own right; just like people.

“Ah,” said Euroka with a grin of white teeth, “you’ve come down the Biladurang to see me on Valentine’s Day.”

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Nanima: Dump

We began Nanima one month ago. Here is the next instalment!

Chapter 3: Bag of Bones

“Hi, Mary,” said Gary. “How’s your body?”

Not many people ask for personal information about your body so outrightly. Your chiropractor does. Gary called Maliyan by the name she had always used before moving to Nanima and changing to the Aboriginal one. She wasn’t Aboriginal, but she was Australian. As she considered the indigenous people part of her country’s fibre, she felt that they were part of her, too. She was fairly sure that they didn’t feel like that about her, but what we think about ourselves is really the deciding factor.

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