How Did He Ever Find You?

This is a short story about marriage, money, and the spiritual path.

The Manhattan hairdresser asked with genuine intrigue, “But, darling, how did your husband ever find you in Australia?” Amy could see that he was envisaging Arthur setting off from the United States on a quest to find his wife-to-be and, against all odds, finding her amongst the wild kangaroos of outback Australia. There was more than a little truth in it. Amy laughed. Continue reading “How Did He Ever Find You?”

The Great Love Affair: Chapter 5 – video

Donna reads chapter 5, The Great Love Affair, from her book, Love’s Longing. Continue reading “The Great Love Affair: Chapter 5 – video”

Writers Worldwide

It is the 3 year anniversary of my Facebook page with 174,000 followers. It is at international ranking 402 for all writers’ Facebook pages (third in Australia). Paulo Coehlo is first in the world with 28 million followers. David Wolfe is first in the United States with 7 million followers. It is interesting and heartening that many of the top international writers have a strong spiritual message. The world wants healing and evolution. Continue reading “Writers Worldwide”

Another Chance Cottage

This is a short story about finding a home.

When Bethany was a child, her father would often drive her family of seven on the five-hour drive to their relatives’ farm in the country. It was a long drive for a little girl. Although she never mentioned it to anyone, she had a game that she always played. Continue reading “Another Chance Cottage”

Coping with Meanness

Apart from the love in life, everyone also has a lot of meanness that happens to them. Sometimes, it is brought on by our own actions or attitude. However, even if we are careful to keep a good attitude in life, there are countless times when others will have ill-will towards us. In fact, if we try to fulfil our potential in life then it is guaranteed that much of that meanness will come from jealousy. Continue reading “Coping with Meanness”

Tyranny and Freedom

Most people would not think of themselves as tyrants, yet, emotional tyranny is a very common trait. It is submission, in some form, which is being coerced. Such a person will automatically tend to surround themselves with weaker people. Anyone who is equally as strong or stronger than them will have been extradited.  Continue reading “Tyranny and Freedom”

Spiritual Teachers – Video


We submit to the divine process – not another and not our own ego. It is true humility and makes us invulnerable to domination by any other human. Fear cannot capture us, criticism cannot harm us, and pride cannot make us fall.

The following video is a reading from Chapter 5 – Spiritual Teachers in The Love of Devotion Continue reading “Spiritual Teachers – Video”