Love and Devotion Series

Love and Devotion is a two-book nonfiction series. There is a grand and magnificent truth which radiates from within all life and from within each of us. I hope you enjoy sharing these beautiful, healing ideas which join us as spiritual co-inhabitants of a spiritual world. May you be blessed in your ongoing search. May there be peace in your days and relief from the never-ending dramas of normal human life. May you discover in your heart a sweet lightness, the luminescent glow of God’s beauty, and a true appreciation of the wonderful gift of life which glows unmarred through every human error. We are loved by the Divine, loved into existence. That, in itself, is enough to reassure each one of us of our inestimable worth.

The first book, in the series, is The Love of Being Loving. It is about the earlier adult years of my spiritual development. Dr Thomas Hora (Metapsychiatry) and Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) were the most significant influences on my spiritual path during my twenties and thirties.

The second book is The Love of Devotion. In my forties, I started reading a series of metaphysical books by Dr David R. Hawkins. I realised that they were having a potent impact on my growth and Dr Hawkins became my next spiritual teacher. Dr Hawkins (Devotional Nonduality) and Dr Hora came from very similar spiritual and intellectual terrain. We are drawn to a certain field of truth which resonates with our inner leanings. My interest in understanding thought drew me to teachers who also had a deep interest in human consciousness.

The Love of Being Loving is about awakening and expanding our spiritual consciousness. It is also a personal journey. However, that which is elevating for a single consciousness is also elevating for human consciousness as a whole. There are no secrets. Nothing is withheld by God. Yet, it is only by our own sincere searching, the evolutionary stage we have reached, and the grace of God that we come into contact with spiritual pathways and teachers that are right for us at any particular time. This book is based on the metaphysical teachings of two spiritual paths and their corresponding founders: Dr Thomas Hora of Metapsychiatry and Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science. The ideas expressed have a universal quality. Spiritual principles, if true, are true for everyone. That is the yardstick that validates their authenticity. Authentic spiritual ideas also have the universal power to heal. Healing is the building block of both individual and collective spiritual evolution.


Chapter 1: Solutions are Spiritual

The Dark Night of the Soul,


Chapter 2: The Two Intelligent Questions

The Two Intelligent Questions, Who Am I Angry At,

Blame, Telling the Truth, Quotes

Chapter 3: The Eleven Principles of Metapsychiatry

The Eleven Principles of Metapsychiatry,


Chapter 4: Relationships and Interaction

Relationships and Interaction, The Prayer of Right Seeing, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Quotes

Chapter 5: Forgiveness and Compassion

A Holy Process, The Healing of Memories, Compassion, Faking Forgiveness, Recognition, Regret and Reorientation, Quotes

Chapter 6: Beneficial Presence in the World

The Four W’s, Prayer and Meditation, Unsolicited Solicitude,

The Four Horsemen

Types of Spiritual Students, The Door to Joy, Quotes

Chapter 7: Don’t Make a Move without God

Don’t Make a Move Without God, A Rare Encounter, What Really Is, Quotes


Chapter 8: Metaphysics

New Relationship, New Pathway, Synonyms, Quotes

Chapter 9: Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing, Fear, No Personal Healer,

The Process of Change, Discerning Thoughts, A Knowledge of Error,

Mind Reading and Psychic Ability,

Reading the One Mind, I Am Not Here, Guarding Our Thoughts,

Conversations and Gossip


Chapter 10: The Human Experience

(whole chapter)

Material Supply, Translating Things into Thoughts,

Companionship and Love, No Love is Lovely But the Divine,

Sexual Expression, The Longing for Oneness, Moving Meditation,

Creativity and Beauty,


Moral Freedom,


Chapter 11: Each Successive Stage

Each Successive Stage, Neither Married nor Not Married, The Dawn of Ideas, Gratitude Prayer, Quotes

The Love of Devotion is the result of several decades of spiritual work. It began the day I first opened the metaphysical door and stepped into a world which, although only minimally understood at the time, was strongly desired. Metaphysics is concerned with the ultimate, primary, inner aspects of existence. It does not see life in material terms but sees life in terms of thought and it has a strong emphasis on healing. Everyone’s greatest need is for the healing and wholeness which spiritual awareness brings. However, we are often reluctant to commit to it. We, eventually, must come to the realisation that the purpose of our life is to align with our spiritual nature. Try as we do to find other options, there are no viable alternatives which will withstand the inevitable consequences of misplaced loyalties and loves. It is the way for us to find our soul-home.

As students of life, we seek both relief from suffering and growth of happiness. Deeply considering uplifting ideas raises our consciousness from the realm of the material problem into the powerful and harmonious realm of the spiritual. It is what a dedicated spiritual practice is all about. We give up our own ideas, hurts, fears, and grudges and concede to the Greater. We expand and we heal. It becomes apparent that it would be impossible to feel alone as we are intimately connected to a thriving life-force. It is everything, yet, it is nothing. It grows silently and steadily. We are already it and It is already us. We continue to go forward with our spiritual practices and these practices increasingly envelop us in loveliness. We come out the other side as a transparent being; nameless but with the mark of God.


Chapter 1: In Search of Truth – The Nature of Spiritual Teachers

(whole chapter)

Existential Crisis, Breath of God, 

Past Teachers, Like Attracts Like, Physicians of the Soul, Nonduality, Spiritual Teachers, Who Chooses Who, Energetic Attraction, The Design of the Patchwork, Energetic Field of the Teacher, Alignment or Misalignment, Dedication to Truth Not Personality, God-Confirmatory Not Self-Confirmatory, Transformation, Breaking the Ties, Choosing Our Battles, God is Sufficient, Leaving the Nest, Our First Spiritual Teacher, One Grand Brotherhood


Chapter 2: The Sweetness of Love – Moving from Complete to Complete

(whole chapter)

Scale of Consciousness, Energy Field of Love,

Glowing, Willingness,

Nice is Not Always Nice, Contentment, 

Family Tension, Good Grace, 

Taking the Lead, 

Spoiling, Our Primary Responsibility, 

Relationship StatusTransitions,

Intimacy, Currents of the Sea, Attractiveness as an Energy Field,

Transforming Sexual Energy, Rising Life-ForceServants of God


Chapter 3: Grist for the Mill – Working Through Issues

Spiritual Work, Crises and Resistance, Release and Balance, 

Group Healing,

Repression, Raving Lunatics to Peaceful Warriors, 

Pride, Pride Goes Before the Fall, Depression,

Courage, All Fear is Fallacious


Chapter 4: Healing – A Sacred Path

Living Prayer, Miracles, 

Karmic Propensities,

Attitude of HeartTransformative CommitmentNothing is Left Hidden, Freedom in Forgetting,

Continuum of Evolution, Self-Love, Discernment,

Spiritual Evolution, Finding Our Prize, 

Tragedy, No Laws But God’s


Chapter 5: Simple Pleasures – Home

Little Oakey, Solitude and Civilization, Get Back on the Horse, 

Cottage by the Sea, Focus on What is Alive,


Chapter 6: Silence – A Source of Great Strength

Quiet, Peaceful Centre,

Dedicated Quiet Time, 

Commonality of Thought,

Spiritual Withdrawal, A Fresh Universe, Semi-Invisible, Rite of Passage, Nonpersonal, Intelligent Love, Solitary Confinement, In the Midst of Humanity,

The Mystic, Favours From GodLiving in Two Realms, End of Thinking, Past and Future,

Pursuit of Enlightenment, Renunciation of Mental Positions,


Being Loving,

Seeking the Sacred, 

The Heart of Reality



Surrender, Grace, Greatest Gift,

Surrender Prayer