Nonfiction Books

Love and Devotion Series

Love and Devotion is a four-book nonfiction series. There is a grand and magnificent truth that radiates from within all of life and each of us. May you discover in your heart a sweet lightness, the luminescent glow of God’s beauty, and a true appreciation for the wonderful gift of life which glows unmarred through every human error. We are loved by the Divine, loved into existence. That, in itself, is enough to reassure each one of us of our inestimable worth.

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Book 1 The Love of Being Loving
Book 2 The Love of Devotion
Book 3 Love’s Longing
Book 4 Touched by Love

Creative Spirit Series

The Creative Spirit Series is a 3-book nonfiction series. We don’t have desires by accident. Good desires are planted in us because we are meant to follow them, explore them, wrestle with them, and have them form us. If we do this and do it in the right way, the result is happiness. If we do anything in the right way, the result is happiness.

  1. The first book of the series is Dance: A Spiritual Affair. Dancing is an innately spiritual affair. It is the ever-moving balance between independence and intimacy. This book is written from the perspective of an adult dance student. However, it delves into the emotional and spiritual significance of dance across the board.
  2. The second book is Writing: A Spiritual Voice. This book is about tuning into the writer’s spiritual voice. If you are a spiritual student and a writer, you will want to use your writing for spiritual purposes in the same way that we use everything to align and expand our spiritual being.
  3. The third book is Strange Words: Poems and Prayers. This book of Donna’s poems and prayers is an effective source of healing, realignment, encouragement, and inspiration.

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