The Creative Spirit Series

The Creative Spirit Series is a 2-book nonfiction series. The books are more meditations on the creative process than how-to-do books. We don’t have desires by accident. Good desires are planted in us because we are meant to follow them, explore them, wrestle with them, and have them form us. If we do this and do it in the right way, the result is happiness. If we do anything in the right way, the result is happiness. The happiness doesn’t actually come from the activity. It comes from aligning with our deeper Self. We will have ultimate faith in ourselves because the faith is in our larger Self which has a mighty backing. Our smaller self can be so petty and vulnerable. It is, more often than not, competitive, nasty, insecure, worried, and highly jealous. Our deeper Self looks on all these traits as childish. It is interested in the good of all, knowing that such is our greatest assurance and protection. It doesn’t talk shallow, empty words with divisive, empty smiles. The well-being of one, even if that one is oneself, is not separated from the well-being of all. The first book, of the series, is Dance: A Spiritual Affair. The second book is Writing: A Spiritual Voice which will be published in the next few months.

DANCE: A SPIRITUAL AFFAIR (Book 1 of The Creative Spirit Series)

Dancing is an innately spiritual affair. It reaches beyond words to the essence of beauty. Its height is Divinity and its depth is humanity. It is the ever-moving balance between independence and intimacy. All the while, it reaches into the great Beyond. We are neither young nor old. The Infinite can neither begin nor can it end. This is the inherent nature of our life force. To free ourselves from the limitations of both youth and age is to encompass a journey full of adventure, growth, success, fulfilment, and surprising achievements.


The Flame Ignites
Following Interests as an Adult
Neither Beginning nor End
Being in Our Body
Body Wisdom
The Energy Centres
Common Centre
Breathing into Life
The Interior and Exterior World
The Silent Dancer
Confidence and Surrender
When Men Rule
Sacred Dance
Still Point
Need and Neediness
Believing in Ourselves
Assistance from Beyond
Fulfilling Our Potential
Visiting the Past and Healing
Sitting in the Stalls of Life
We Are Here for God
We Are One
The Winged Life
Ruth St. Denis
Veloz and Yolanda
Ginger Rogers
Make It Count
Grand Old Man
Burn Up
I Wear White to Funerals

WRITING: A SPIRITUAL VOICE (Book 2 of The Creative Spirit Series)

Writing: A Spiritual Voice will be published in the next few months.