Dance: A Spiritual Affair


Dancing is an innately spiritual affair. It reaches beyond words to the essence of beauty. Its height is Divinity and its depth is humanity. It is the ever-moving balance between independence and intimacy. All the while, it reaches into the great Beyond. We are neither young nor old. The Infinite can neither begin nor can it end. This is the inherent nature of our life force. To free ourselves from the limitations of both youth and age is to encompass a journey full of adventure, growth, success, fulfilment, and surprising achievements.

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  1. The Flame Ignites
  2. Following Interests as an Adult
  3. Balance
  4. Neither Beginning nor End
  5. Being in Our Body
  6. Body Wisdom
  7. The Energy Centres
  8. Common Centre
  9. Breathing into Life
  10. The Interior and Exterior World
  11. The Silent Dancer
  12. Confidence and Surrender
  13. Authenticity
  14. Appreciation
  15. When Men Rule
  16. Presence
  17. Pas-De-Deux
  18. Risk
  19. Partnering
  20. Need and Neediness
  21. Believing in Ourselves
  22. Assistance from Beyond
  23. Fulfilling Our Potential
  24. Visiting the Past and Healing
  25. Sitting in the Stalls of Life
  26. We Are Here for God
  27. We Are One
  28. The Winged Life
  29. Ruth St. Denis
  30. Veloz and Yolanda
  31. Ginger Rogers