Writing: A Spiritual Voice

Writing is a long-term career. It takes a lot of time, money, perseverance, learning, and soul. Making a mark as a writer and having an influence in the world is a process which generally accelerates slowly.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Keep giving.
  3. Remain true.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Go with the flow.
  6. Do your best.
  7. Enjoy it. 

If you know that the spiritual voice is in you, and you would like greater access to it as a writer, then Writing: A Spiritual Voice can help you to develop your capacity to hear and heed that voice.

Writing: A Spiritual Voice is not a technical book. Of those, there are many wonderful ones. It is about tuning into the writer’s spiritual voice. It is also about the personal and unique ways that my writing has developed due to the foremost goal of listening and responding to the Divine. In a sense, all good writers are spiritual because, if they are good, they are inspired. We are trying to make that link to individual inspiration more direct. If you are a spiritual student, as well as a writer, you will want to use your writing for spiritual purposes in the same way that we use everything to align and expand our spiritual being.

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