Meditation for Helping to Heal Injury and Pain

Obviously, when it comes to injuries, people need to do whatever is physically appropriate for them. However, what we’re doing in this meditation is looking at the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains as they are extremely powerful. Further, more often than not, the physical is simply living out and demonstrating what is in those other domains.


The first thing we must do in a meditation is to help our body to relax and our mind to settle. In order to do this, it’s very important to put aside some time and to make sure that you will be alone and not disturbed. Healing meditations bring up a lot of mental refuse within our system. If you are worried about people coming into the room or other people’s needs which you need to attend to, then you won’t allow things to come up as you will not have the space to deal with them. If they don’t come up, they can’t heal.

Straight Spine

So, settle yourself. You can either sit or lie. You can be inside or, if it’s somewhere quiet and private, outside. You could even be on a busy beach if you felt no one was taking any notice of you. Settle into your position either sitting or lying. If you’re sitting, it’s best to have a straight-ish back. If you’re on a chair, then have your legs uncrossed and sit up relatively straight – straight but comfortable. If you’re on the floor, cross-legged, you probably already have a good tolerance for sitting up straight. Otherwise, you can lie down – on the ground, on your bed, on the lounge – but keep your spine straight and your body untangled.


Settle your breathing into its normal natural rhythm, but become aware of it. Watch the breath in. Watch the breath out, in your own pace. Watch the breath in. Watch the breath out. Watch the breath in. Watch the breath out. Keep breathing in a rhythmic way. If you can, let your breath become a little longer, but don’t force anything. Simply give the body an opportunity to settle and relax. You’re letting your entire system know that you’re going to be giving it some space where it can sort itself out.

Body Awareness

Become aware of your feet. Move them around a little, and then relax them. Become aware of your calf muscles, your lower legs, and your knees. Move them around, and then relax them. Tense your thigh muscles and your upper legs, and then relax. Move your hips around, back and forth, forwards and backwards, side to side, and round and round. Tense, and relax. Tense your stomach, pull it in, and relax. Pull it in again, and relax. Tense your chest, wiggle it around, rotate it, move it side to side, forward, backwards, and then relax. Move your neck, move your head, gently round and round, side to side, and then relax. Tense your arms. Move them in circles. Stretch out your fingers. Relax your fingers. Stretch them out. Relax them. Stretch your arms and your fingers, and then relax them. Tense your face muscles. Scrunch up your eyes, your nose, your mouth. Scrunch up all the muscles in your face, and then relax. Move your mouth around in a circle, and then relax. Breathing in. Breathing out.

Stream of Light

Picture that a few inches from the top of your head, at the crown of your head, there is a stream of light. It’s touching the top of your head as if it’s quietly knocking, “Let me in. Let me in.” Visualise the top of your head gently opening to allow the stream of light into your body. It travels all the way down your spine, through your legs, through your arms, through your fingers, through your toes, and out again. This stream of light, running through your body, is your assurance that whatever comes up in this meditation is within a safe environment. The light keeps you safe. The light is your connection with the Divine spirit that created you, that makes the billions of tiny functions in your body operate without your assistance. We can trust it.


We have come to the point where we’re going to allow one thought or one memory, one distressing issue, to come up. It could be major. It could be minor. It doesn’t matter. Whatever comes to your mind is fine. As this is a meditation for healing an injury, you may want to focus on a thought that you assume is associated with your injury. You don’t have to do that. Injuries are often energetically connected with more than one issue, anyway. Sometimes, they’re connected with an issue that we have no idea is the offending matter. In this sense, all you need is the intention to heal, to heal your body, heal your mind, and, in particular, to heal the injury that you are focusing on. But we’re not going to insist on healing. We just want to move in that direction. That’s a good enough intention. The body heals of its own accord as soon as we give it the opportunity and the right spirit to do so. We don’t have to be directive in this way. If you feel that the issue you’d like to think of today is specifically related to your current injury then, by all means, focus on that.

Look At Me

Now that you’re in a relaxed state and you are aware that you are energetically supported by the spirit that created and nurtures you through every moment of your life, you’re going to look deeper into your being. Whatever memory comes up is acceptable. Whatever stressor presents itself is fine. Just have a look at it. It’s safe to do so. You’ll know which particular thing to focus on because it will already be in your mind or, if not already shouting at you, it will certainly be tiptoeing around whispering, “Look at me. Look at me. You need to look at me.” We can get very hurt by things that happen in life. We can get physically hurt but, more than that, we can be hurt emotionally and spiritually by many things, small and big. 


While I’m talking and you’re listening, or half listening, or not listening at all – it doesn’t matter, you do what you want to do – you will know if you’re making the most of this healing meditation because, at some point along the way with these memories arising, you will definitely have strong emotion. If you’ve let an issue come up – one that needs healing and one that’s at the top of the pile or close to the top of the pile – you will start to feel, very often, angry. Be angry. No one else is around. Do what you want. Don’t hurt anyone, obviously, but express whatever you want to express. You might be surprised at how angry you feel and what images flash through your mind. This is a safe place to do it, so just let it rip. However angry you feel, let it come up. It won’t destroy you. You’re in a safe place. You’re protected by that light that is running through your body, that light that has connected you to the whole of creation. So, if you feel angry, be angry.


Maybe, that’s not the type of memory you have. It could be a sad memory. If it’s sadness that comes up, then be sad. Let yourself cry. Life has a huge amount of sadness in it. We don’t stuff it down into some dark layer of our being. We have to let it be. Life has a lot of grief, of various types, in it. If you learn to deal with it, when it happens, and not accumulate karmic grief in your body, it will help to turn you into a highly sensitive, highly loving person. It’s only when people do not deal with grief, and they’re full of sorrow, that they become depressed and afraid, unable to move, and totally lacking courage. They, basically, waste their life by not moving, by procrastinating, by being afraid to do anything. We can learn how to manage our sadness and grief; the millions of things that can make us sad. Everyone has some large areas of grief. It doesn’t have to be someone dying. It can be someone leaving. It can be that something has left your life; something that you valued.


The other area, apart from anger and sadness, is fear. Anger, sadness, and fear are the three main emotional areas that cause most of our problems. If the memory that is coming up for you is to do with fear – something that made you feel afraid – just for the moment look at how afraid you really feel. We get incredibly afraid inside. The fear is our inner child – so are anger and sadness. You’ve only got to look at a toddler to see how angry a person can get! Fear, certainly, is strongly connected with the inner child. There is an inner child within all of us. We need to learn how to manage that child, but we do have to give it times when it can speak, when it can be angry, when it can be sad, when it can be afraid. So, if the memory that has come up is one to do with fear, then let yourself be afraid. Fear is a very uncomfortable feeling. We don’t like to feel afraid. It makes us feel extremely vulnerable. However, when we look at the fear and acknowledge it, it helps it to dissipate. We come out the other side of it. We acknowledge that we feel like that, but we understand that there is another way. That other way is what we will move to now.

(Each time you do this meditation, you could think of different, specific issues and memories. It is very beneficial to dedicate time to some healing stages or periods in our life when we can consecutively work through a number of issues.)

Another Way

When you feel that you’ve had enough of dealing with whatever came up for you, you can go to the next stage. In terms of the specific injury that you’re trying to heal in your body, you may now know what thought or memory is directly related to the injury. Sometimes, you don’t have to do any more than that. Simply seeing the connection is sometimes enough to help something to heal. People’s injuries can (and sometimes do) heal instantaneously because the thought behind them is recognised. Previously, it was not recognised. Now, the injury becomes unnecessary because the thought is seen and known. You may not need to do any more than what you’ve already done. Recognising the thoughts – associating them with the different physical problems that you have – may be enough. More frequently, injuries take longer to heal, but if you keep working on what you know they are connected with, they will heal in some vital manner.

Level Up

Yes, we must look at ourselves. Yes, we must delve into ourselves. Yes, we must not live in ignorance of what we’re really thinking and what we’re really feeling, but once we have this material, then it’s very important to elevate our consciousness to a higher level. Otherwise, we’ve only done half the job. Seeing the problem – recognising the mess that’s actually inside people – is only half the issue. The other half of the healing process is to deeply connect ourselves with the spiritual domain. 

Bigger Than You

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are (which religion you may belong to or if you’re an atheist or agnostic). Whatever you see as that which created life, whatever you see as bigger than yourself, more than yourself, that is enough. If you already have a strong spiritual connection with some organisation or church and you see your spiritual path in a certain way with specific words, books, and teachers, then talk to yourself with those words and teacher-images. That’s what you are most aligned with. 

The main thing is that we must learn to see ourselves as part of the Divine or the bigger Creation and Process of Life. We visualised the light coming into our crown, moving through our body, moving through our limbs, out into the earth, out into the world. That light is, in fact, always with us. That light is what made us. We did not make ourselves. Something, other than ourselves, created us into this magnificent creature that the human is. That force is running us. If we align with it, if we see it a little more clearly, if we understand more deeply its possibilities and the depth of its capabilities, we will become a much stronger, healthier, more whole, and more loving being. That which made the universe, that which made you, is intensely loving, creative, and brilliant. It is a phenomenal life force. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that it’s much more than you. It’s much more than me. It is a vibrating, healing, incredible, happy, and joyous force of life. 

Paying Attention

If we pay no attention to this Divine energy (this brilliant, pulsating life), then we do not get the benefit of it except in a minimal, fundamental way. Our progress becomes slow. It can take a very long time, many lifetimes, many evolutions within our soul, for us to get anywhere significantly improved. We need to listen to the life force, understand that we are part of it, let it help us and heal us, let it develop us so that our potentials are fulfilled in a beautiful and thriving way. All of these things happen simply by paying attention to the life force. 

Naturally Happy

Naturally, it is much easier to listen to the life force in nature. So, if it’s possible for you to take time out every day, or at least once a week, to be in nature, you’ll find it tremendously helpful in building that connection with the life force. It will not only help you heal of any health issues, injuries, and problems, it will transform your life and help you to reach your full potential. It will help you to feel happy. In the end, healing and happiness go together.

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