Vicious – poem

The inspiration for this poem came, a few days ago, after watching The Bookshop. I was reminded of how vicious people can be when they feel that someone is stopping them from getting something they want. Florence “had a kind heart, though that is not of much use when it comes to the matter of self-preservation.” Indeed, her kind heart seemed to be of no use at all when faced with Mrs. Gamart who was as vicious as she was manipulative and powerful. Eventually, courage wins the day, although, not in the way that was first hoped.

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Short Stories

I wrote a number of short stories for the first time in 2016. In 2017 some of those stories and their characters took a life of their own and turned into a novel, Waldmeer

  1. There is a Greatness in You – Dec, 2016
  2. How Did He Ever Find You? – Oct, 2016
  3. Another Chance – Sept, 2016
  4. You Didn’t Dress Properly – Aug, 2016
  5. It Will Pass – Aug, 2016
  6. It Was Only Natural – Aug, 2016
  7. The Little Flower That Died (the first chapter of Waldmeer) -July, 2016