First Audiobook is Out!—Waldmeer

Happy Day

It was a happy day to get this email recently, Hi Donna, Oh happy day! Waldmeer passed Quality Control and was approved for distribution. Waldmeer (Book 1 of Waldmeer) is now available as an audiobook. Three months ago, I told you that I had started recording. The process has been a huge learning curve at many different levels.

First day of recording Waldmeer—5th May 2022—in my wardrobe studio.

Waldmeer is now available on all the listening apps.

  1. Audible, Amazon
  2. NOOK Audiobooks
  3. Chirp
  4. Kobo, Walmart
  5. Scribd
  6. Google Play
  7. BingeBooks
  9. Storytel

Thanks for following along. I appreciate it!

2 Replies to “First Audiobook is Out!—Waldmeer”

  1. Felicitations Donna! I am happy for you that you have fulfilled your task, and your book is now birthed into the world. Big job. I wish you All Goodness. Will try to write more another time. Overall, everything IS well in my bailiwick–many challenges, many blessings, and endless gratitude. Praise God!  We are blessed in a harsh world of illusions.   in PAGLove,Susan

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