Nanima: Spiritual Fiction—Audiobook is Now Available

Nanima: Spiritual Fiction (Book 1 of the Nanima Series) is now available as an audiobook on Audible and other audio sites. 

“Love” breaks everyone’s hearts. If we are lucky, it then remakes them. (Nanima)

Nanima lay in a pretty-as-a-picture valley at the joining point of two living, breathing rivers. The small country town had an English name, but Nanima was its ancient-as-the-rivers Aboriginal one. This is not a white story or a black one. It’s a spirit story and an earth one. This new fiction series is located in an Australian rural town, Wellington, N.S.W. (Nanima in the story). It is the area my family come from. My grandfather was a pioneer farmer and made his house from the stones of the river. Farming has been in the family for generations. The series follows the lives of characters I hope you will come to love and welcome into your heart and mind. Nanima on Audible

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