Life is Immortal

We are here to evolve. All life forms serve one ultimate purpose – to align themselves with the good, the beautiful, and the infinite. As human souls, this takes a tremendous amount of growth; much more than one short time on Earth can give. We gradually become more aligned to the higher life-force over a long period of soul evolution. What may seem a tragedy by the standard of one short lifetime is merely a page in an ongoing story which has a higher purpose and plot far beyond the momentary appearance. We can trust the Divine nature of the story with all its twists and turns. 

Acceptance makes a lighter load of things that will only make sense in the end. Our view is relatively short-term. Our limited sense of life is not the confines of a limitless Intelligence. We must remember the true essence of life – indestructible, immaterial, completely safe, and utterly untouchable. We are spiritual, not physical, beings. That does not change with either birth or death. It remains constant. Our true essence is intangible, bodiless, and ethereal. 

For a short amount of time, we enjoy the beauty of being human and, also, grow from the inevitable pain of human life. The life of our soul lives a much purer existence. It does not suffer. We can never be torn apart from that which we love. Human life forms are not lost. The deep human bonds of love are forever forged in infinity. They simply change form every now and again, waiting to re-form into another chapter of our existence. Loved homes and businesses are also never lost. Material form may crumble but the heart of a home and the service of a business are invisible. They are easily reformed out of the tiniest of material substance to yet again house the same love and service.

14 Replies to “Life is Immortal”

  1. Thanks for sharing…very heartwarming & enlightening! We badly needed this…that in the midst of all that what has happened, we are not alone…and together, with the help of everyone, we will all stand triumphantly!


  2. Oh Donna I am so moved by these words and the way you articulate these on paper for the majority of us to understand. I am so grateful your messages are far reaching and on a global level. Robyn x

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  3. a very knowledgeable positive attitude to the way we perceive death, and disaster. And life and living in general.

    Yet with words of higher understanding and a beautiful description, you have shown the bigger picture of the forever flowing river of life.

    thank you for sharing,chantelle 🙂


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