Life is Immortal

We are here to evolve. All life forms serve one ultimate purpose – to align themselves with the good, the beautiful, and the infinite. As human souls, this takes a tremendous amount of growth; much more than one short time on Earth can give. We gradually become more aligned to the higher life-force over a long period of soul evolution. What may seem a tragedy by the standard of one short lifetime is merely a page in an ongoing story which has a higher purpose and plot far beyond the momentary appearance. We can trust the Divine nature of the story with all its twists and turns. Acceptance makes a lighter load of things that will only make sense in the end. Our view is relatively short-term. Our limited sense of life is not the confines of a limitless Intelligence. We must remember the true essence of life – indestructible, immaterial, completely safe, and utterly untouchable. We are spiritual, not physical beings. That does not change with either birth or death. It remains constant. Our true essence is intangible, bodiless, and ethereal.

For a short amount of time, we enjoy the beauty of being human and also grow from the inevitable pain of human life. The life of our soul lives a much purer existence. It does not suffer. We can never be torn apart from that which we love. Human life forms are not lost. The deep human bonds of love are forever forged in infinity. They simply change form every now and again, waiting to re-form into another chapter of our existence. Loved homes and businesses are also never lost. Material form may crumble, but the heart of a home and the service of a business are invisible. They are easily reformed out of the tiniest of material substance to yet again house the same love and service.

When fears rise supreme, we remember that in spite of any picture to the contrary, our greatest protection is to understand that we are under no laws but God’s. God’s laws are love, strength, order, and harmony. They are invisible, yet mighty and powerful. They silently but surely bring the hand of peace and order into seeming turmoil and fear. They are an unseen medicine bringing quiet, sure healing and stability. Such is our mainstay through all of the human experience. To the extent that we understand that we are under no laws but God’s, our fear disappears. It is not possible to be afraid when all the Universe and beyond is working under the infinitely good orchestration of the Divine. Armed with these simple truths, we radiate a firm and unshakeable knowledge that there is, in every situation, an inner and higher reality which is unmarred by the many, different human dramas. We help those around us with our serenity and trust. Each one of us is loved greatly. No person or event or anything on Earth and beyond can take this from us.

The Love of Devotion is the result of several decades of spiritual work. It began the day I first opened the metaphysical door and stepped into a world which, although only minimally understood at the time, was strongly desired. Metaphysics is concerned with the ultimate, primary, inner aspects of existence. It does not see life in material terms but sees life in terms of thought and it has a strong emphasis on healing. Everyone’s greatest need is for the healing and wholeness which spiritual awareness brings. However, we are often reluctant to commit to it. As Thomas Hora said, “It’s easy to be enlightened. It’s just not easy to be interested in it.” We, eventually, must come to the realisation that the purpose of our life is to align with our spiritual nature. Try as we do to find other options, there are no viable alternatives which will withstand the inevitable consequences of misplaced loyalties and loves. It is the way for us to find our soul-home. The Love of Devotion is an individual journey, however, the struggles and lessons of one person are, fundamentally, those of all mankind. It is the second book in the series Love and Devotion and is largely set within the framework of Devotional Nonduality and the teachings of Dr David R. Hawkins. 

As students of life, we seek both relief from suffering and growth of happiness. Deeply considering uplifting ideas raises our consciousness from the realm of the material problem into the powerful and harmonious realm of the spiritual. It is what a dedicated spiritual practice is all about. We give up our own ideas, hurts, fears, and grudges and concede to the Greater. We expand and we heal. It becomes apparent that it would be impossible to feel alone as we are intimately connected to a thriving life-force. It is everything, yet, it is nothing. It grows silently and steadily. We are already it and It is already us. We continue to go forward with our spiritual practices and these practices increasingly envelop us in loveliness. We come out the other side as a transparent being; nameless but with the mark of God. 

Love and Devotion is a two-book nonfiction series. The first book, in the series, is The Love of Being Loving. It is about the earlier adult years of my spiritual development. Dr Thomas Hora (Metapsychiatry) and Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) were the most significant influences on my spiritual path during my twenties and thirties. The second book is The Love of Devotion. In my forties, I started reading a series of metaphysical books by Dr David R. Hawkins. I realised that they were having a potent impact on my growth and Dr Hawkins became my next spiritual teacher. Dr Hawkins (Devotional Nonduality) and Dr Hora came from very similar spiritual and intellectual terrain. We are drawn to a certain field of truth which resonates with our inner leanings. My interest in understanding thought drew me to teachers who also had a deep interest in human consciousness.

14 Replies to “Life is Immortal”

  1. Thanks for sharing…very heartwarming & enlightening! We badly needed this…that in the midst of all that what has happened, we are not alone…and together, with the help of everyone, we will all stand triumphantly!


  2. Oh Donna I am so moved by these words and the way you articulate these on paper for the majority of us to understand. I am so grateful your messages are far reaching and on a global level. Robyn x

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  3. a very knowledgeable positive attitude to the way we perceive death, and disaster. And life and living in general.

    Yet with words of higher understanding and a beautiful description, you have shown the bigger picture of the forever flowing river of life.

    thank you for sharing,chantelle 🙂


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