Riverland: Are You Ready?

Here is the next part of Riverland (children’s fiction).

“Are you ready?” Nannie asked Uncle Tim.

Uncle Tim didn’t know if he was ready or not. It didn’t matter because Nannie was ready. 


Lie flat on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath into your stomach—in and then out. Take another breath in. Slowly breathe out. Feel your body relaxing into the bed. One more deep breath in. This time when you breathe out, completely relax as if your body is sinking into the middle of your mattress. 

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Riverland: Halves Matter (children’s story)

Here is the first chapter of my new children’s book, Riverland (Book 1 of the Dividing Line).

Chapter 1: Halves Matter

I wasn’t the first one in my family to visit Riverland. The first one was Uncle Tim. He was five when he went. I wasn’t around when he was five. I was invisible. My mother says that nowadays, I’m very visible. That’s because I’m seven and a half. Seven and a half is much older than seven. Halves matter a lot when you’ve only been visible for a short amount of halves. I guess halves don’t matter when you have been around as long as Nannie.

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