Name Changes for Nanima

The Nanima Series has had a few name (and cover) changes. The series is now called the Dadirri Series. Book 1 remains as Nanima. The current book we are on (which is Book 2) is now called Geboor. You will see why in the next part (coming soon).

Recent Review of Nanima

Divine and Enchanting The story shows that life’s challenges can make people forget or lose the feeling of simplicity, magic, and beauty. I like Maliyan’s interactions with Luna and her coffee shop visits at Luna Tiks; the feeling of staying in Euroka’s place; Mrs. Knuckle, the leaf-reader; the part where Maliyan visits the resting place of her parents and also when she attended church. By weaving her past memories with the present, Maliyan finds healing, not only in the physical but also in the spiritual. Maliyan has a better and deeper understanding of it, stressing the importance of protecting and respecting the earth, recognizing herself and her connection to the Divine. It’s refreshing, enlightening and inspirational! 

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Geboor (Book 2 of Dadirri Series): Poustinia

Part 2—Sacred Spaces (Autumn)
Poustinik Dancer

Something about the dance studio this morning reminded Maliyan of a poustinia. Its lack of people, furniture, and electricity. Its striking emptiness. Poustinia is a Russian word for a sparsely furnished cabin where one goes to pray and fast. Its most fundamental element is its aloneness. Alone, except for God. In Russia, poustiniks often live on the edges of towns. They are available to their community for spiritual help and sometimes practical help. Although Maliyan had plenty of self-starting drive to dance in her poustinia, there was no doubt that another body, another being, another type of energy gave dance a different and wonderful dimension.

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