Prana: Mandala’s End

Here is the next AND FINAL part of Prana (Book 6 of Waldmeer). Thanks for sharing the journey!

Caution to the Wind

In Prana Community:

It was the end of the forty-day mandala which began at Mahashivratri. It was also the last day that Guru Gadubanud was at Prana Community. Most mornings, Merlyn had been travelling to Prana, from Shambhavi and Veronica’s property, to do Veronica’s yoga class (even though it wasn’t her favourite). She did it out of respect for living in their bungalow and also out of respect for Shambhavi (who was her favourite).

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Prana: Equinox

Here is the next section of Prana (previously Esther) Book 6 of Waldmeer.


In Prana Community:

In India, Mahashivratri immediately precedes the spring equinox which is the herald of spring. In Prana Community, Mahashivratri precedes the autumnal equinox which is the beginning of autumn. Both equinoxes have the same amount of day as night. Thus, they are a time of transition and reset.

Rybert said that the autumnal equinox or Mabon was the Witches Thanksgiving. It is the end of a year’s growth cycle, he would say. Everything changes. The trees change colour. They shed their leaves. It’s a time of general shedding. He would then add with a wink, Shedding clothes is also appropriate, but it does depend on who is doing the shedding.

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Prana: Going Back

Old Friend

Back to now, in Waldmeer:

One end-of-summer morning, after Farkas’s dance aerobics class at the Waldmeer Warriors, Merlyn decided to stay and chat with her older friend, Ide. Merlyn had become so immersed in her life at Prana Community that she hadn’t been outside its perimeter since moving there. She wasn’t sure if her self-imposed isolation was due to an increased desire for spiritual progress or if it was a way of avoiding the pain of Ben’s relationship with Esther. Either way, it now seemed sensible to re-enter the world, even though that meant an hour-and-a-half drive for a single dance class. 

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