Prana: Omni-All

Here is the next part of Prana (Book 6 of Waldmeer)


In Prana Community:

“How are things going in your community house?” asked Shambhavi.

“Fine, thanks,” said Merlyn. 

She wondered why he was asking as he had never enquired about her living arrangements before.

“Do you like it there?” persisted Shambhavi.

“It’s fine,” said Merlyn, “for a single female household.” 

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Pittown (Book 5 of Waldmeer)

img_4413-1Pittown (Book 5 of Waldmeer) is now published. I have loved writing the series. When I started it, 4 years ago, I had never written fiction or had the inclination to do so. However, I have found that story-telling is a wonderful outlet for expressing all sorts of emotions and thoughts. I once listened to an author who said, “I feel sorry for people who don’t write because what do they do with all the stuff that happens to them?” In the end, I tell myself that if I come away from what I have written feeling encouraged then there is the possibility that others will too. It’s all about healing; every word of the 160,000 in the series. We are in this together; for better, for worse, for healing.

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