Geboor: Going to Geboor

Following the Range

A touch of light hit the Nanima horizon, and Maliyan began the long journey to Geboor. She crisscrossed the countryside towards the Great Dividing Range. As well as watching the colours of the morning sky, she had to watch out for kangaroos. They move quickly and impulsively, with no road sense, and are most active at dawn and dusk. For their sake and hers, an unscheduled meeting was best avoided. 

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Healing and Seeing

When we see things spiritually, nothing is left to heal, change, restore or mend. All is beautifully perfect and infinite. The human healing that inevitably occurs, one way or another, is the shadow aligning itself correctly with divine Reality. It is the mist lifting with the morning rays of the sun’s warmth and light. It is the fog becoming less dense with Truth’s brilliant clarity. When we understand the loveliness inherent in spiritual existence, our human existence reflects this loveliness. A consciousness imbued with divine Love sends healing to everything within its gaze and radius.

From The Love of Being Loving by DONNA GODDARD on Amazon.
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