Geboor: Weaving Dreams

Here is the next part of Geboor (Book 2 of Nanima Series).

Blackpool Fever

In late May and early June, a sickness takes over the ballroom dancing world. A magic sort of sickness called Blackpool Fever. It doesn’t matter if the dancer has been to Blackpool or not, if they aspire to go or don’t, if they religiously watch every livestream or the occasional social media video. Since its inception a century ago, Blackpool Dance Festival has become the most prestigious international ballroom dancing competition of the year.

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Geboor (Book 2 of Dadirri Series): Shophouse


“I think you are on the spectrum, boo,” said Luna.

Maliyan laughed and thought, Always the joker.

Luna wasn’t smiling and continued sympathetically, “Lots of people are. I mean, I like people on the spectrum. I find them interesting.”

Maliyan wasn’t sure what was worse—Luna’s diagnosis of her mental state or his trying to make it better by kindly reassuring her that, regardless, it was fine with him. It made it all the funnier or all the more disturbing.

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