Nanima 2: Let Me In

Here is the next part of Nanima Book 2.


Early on in Maliyan’s stay in Euroka’s hut, a woman knocked on her door.

“Hello,” said the woman in a surprised but friendly manner. “I’m Laura-Bella, an artist friend of Euroka. Is he out?”

After explaining where Euroka was, Maliyan invited her in because she didn’t appear to want to go. Also, she seemed to sense what Euroka might be doing. Anyway, Maliyan liked her. Laura-Bella looked around the hut carefully, paying particular attention to the didgeridoo on the bed. 

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Nanima 2: Shophouse

Here is the beginning of the NEW second book of the Nanima Series! (It doesn’t have a name or cover yet.)


“I think you are on the spectrum, boo,” said Luna.

Maliyan laughed and thought, Always the joker.

Luna wasn’t smiling and continued sympathetically, “Lots of people are. I mean, I like people on the spectrum. I find them interesting.”

Maliyan wasn’t sure what was worse—Luna’s diagnosis of her mental state or his trying to make it better by kindly reassuring her that, regardless, it was fine with him. It made it all the funnier or all the more disturbing.

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