Can You Not Remember?—poem

When did this brutality grow? 
Can you not remember?
Go back to the place where you left that man dying.
This time you must bring him back with you.

I see you in my dreams. 
Your face is edged with battle.
I touch your forehead from a distant land.
Settle, settle, peace, peace.

The Earth glare is so bright. 
It washes the white memory from your mind.
Have you forgotten that
we come from the same place?

You are looking for something, 
demanding to be found.
Make your way back from that broken land. 
Return from that empty place.

There is nothing there for you. 
It holds a million shadows.
There are no friends there.
Settle, settle, peace, peace.

It is warmer here. 
Can you see the light? 
Trust it. 
It is safe.

It has lived a long time. 
It has seen much more than you.
You fight a demon that you once knew 
but the demon is already slain.

And from the corner of your eye,
you will see the scattered, 
sacred fire reform again.
Settle, settle, peace, peace.

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