The Space Between Us – video

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Waldmeer: Bungalow Buddies

Chapter 7
Translucent Man
The past few weekends in Waldmeer, Amira had been seeing a man out of the corner of her eye. She could tell that the man was no longer an Earth resident because he was translucent. That made it easy! If she looked at him directly, he would disappear. He was about her age. Tall, blonde, broad shoulders like a footballer. Amira felt that it was not actually her that he wanted to speak to. She guessed that he wanted to speak to someone in Waldmeer who couldn’t see him. She had no idea who but life always has a way of telling us what we need to know. Continue reading “Waldmeer: Bungalow Buddies”


Can You Not Remember?

When did this brutality grow? Can you not remember?
Go back to the place where you left that man dying.
This time you must bring him back with you.

I see you in my dreams. Your face is edged with battle.
I touch your forehead from a distant land.
The Earth glare is so bright. It washes the white memory from your mind.
Have you forgotten we come from the same place?
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Waldmeer: Bliss

Chapter 47: Bless
Maria threw her coat on the bed and turned the heater on. The house was cold on her return from the meeting.

“That was a disgrace,” she fumed to Amira. Gortaithe looked sympathetic. He would always be a one-eyed supporter. Amira, however, didn’t say anything. “Conceited, arrogant, egotistical, delusional.” Maria had been thrilled with the invitation left in her mailbox a week ago. Continue reading “Waldmeer: Bliss”