Searching For Love

The search for love is a universal one. Yet, when it is found, it is soon replaced with problems, such as the reality of the other person, our own issues or the interference of other people and life. If there is not outward conflict then there is usually conflict within ourselves. To follow the search for personal love is unsatisfactory, yet, to reject the search is more unsatisfactory. Relationships are, generally, the most meaningful and powerful learning experience we tend to have in life. Continue reading “Searching For Love”

200,000 Facebook Likes

Thank you for 200,000 Facebook likes in 3 years. My Facebook author page is the fastest growing writer page in Australia and one of the largest.
Every day we must try not to be drawn into the many things that we feel hurt about in life. Otherwise, we end up feeling worthless or we will fight back with anger. Instead, we can remember our spiritual worth. This puts everything into perspective. It gives us a peaceful state of mind and allows our life to move forwards in a positive, interesting, and blessed way without force or fear.




At a certain point in our evolution, we become masters of our own life. The next stage of our evolution is to use that ability for unselfish purposes. There is not much food in that for the ego. It is an unexciting idea that most people are not very interested in because it’s moving into the realm of genuine love and unconditional service. Continue reading “Grand”